VOXAN Charade Racing

Top 2 photos courtesy Wikipedia. Rest photos from the beautiful website of FREDOC dedicated to VOXAN. Lots of more photos in the sub category of FREDOC's website can be found here and here.
The VOXAN Charade is based on the existing VOXAN Black Magic. Period. Why? Because all they share is the engine layout and certain components. Beyond that, while the Black Magic is pure style to go with the performance, for the Charade, performance comes first and of course if its France, can good looks stay behind? Launched in 2005 Paris Motor Show, it rides on the same 100 hp 996 cc V-twin engine of the Black Magic.
The honour of designing this beauty goes to Mr. Sacha Lakic. Charade is the name of a prestigious circiut in Puy-de-Dome and as such, the VOXAN Charade Racing has its strips over it.
Mr. Lakic has cleverly changed the bearing, framework and has given a shoe engine to go with the redone front and rear parts of the Black Magic to build a better equiped machine. Well, the Charade comes at a hefty price and that too if you can lay your hands on one. Only 40 such exotics were released in August 2006, they are heavily priced in excess of $20,000.

This is due to the high class components put on the machine. Some of these high class components of the Charade include the Paioli inverted fork which are adjustable, Beringer doing duties on the braking front, exhaust from Remus, Michelin Pilot Power tyres and Marchesini rims of 3.5 and 5.5 by 17 inches. The caliper and the brake lever are red in colour as all the super expensive French brand Beringer items are akways coated. The rear shock displays the world class BOS written over it and VOXAN has there by became the first motorcycle company to use these shocks. These shocks are hydrolic with a room of nitrogen inside which is completely removable and reconditionable. The styling has been subtle, probably so as to not draw all the attention towards the body as beneath the beautiful exterior, lies a very agile & performance oriented machine. Its like a Café Racer with a moto GP heart.

The Black Magic can be seen at many an angle, but there is a half front fairing unlike the naked Black Magic to give the bike an enhanced performance aided by the racing exhausts. The fit and finish of the bike are comparable to the best custom bikes anywhere in the world. I tried searching for the VOXAN official website and although even if it is there, I just couldn't get any info on the bike as the whole site is in French and no English version. Of course, there are plenty of photos on the website.

Engine - V-72 °, 4-stroke liquid-cooled, 4 valves per cylinder 996 cc,
Displacement (bore x stroke) - 98 x 66 mm
Max Power & Torque - 100 bhp@ 8000 rpm & 9.7 kgm @ 6500 rpm
Injection - Electronic
Clutch - Multidisc in oil bath
Gearbox & End Transmission - 6-speed & By Chain
Front & Rear Suspension - Inverted fork 43 mm (120 mm) &Monoamortisseur (120 mm)
Front & Rear Brake - 2 discs, 320 mm, 4-piston calipers & 1 disc, 245 mm, 2-piston
Front & Rear Wheel - 120/70 x 17 & 180/55 x 17
Wheelbase & Seat Height - 1475 mm & 810 mm
Dry Weight - 185 kg


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