Visual Gratification - The BRUTALE 750S

The above phtos are huge and in proportion of 1200 x 1200 or higher. Below are are also large but in proportion of 800 X 800 or less.
Well, thats what the word beauty stands for. The MV AGUSTA Brutale 750S.

Yes, we all have seen this naked muscle road bike atleast in the net. So why am I posting? I am sure no one wants to read anything, after all why stress your mind when you can look at it and keep dreaming. Just do one thing. Enlarge (that is see the actual size) one pic at a time and look at it patiently. You will love it more than before! The attention paid to every detail is astonishing. The finish is flawless.

FYI, the engine is a 749.4 cc, 4-cylinder in-line, 4 Stroke, Liquid cooling delivering 127 hp@ 12500 rpm with a claimed maximum speed of 250 kmph. Price: € 15995 / $ 23699

If you are really interested in reading, here is the link to the MV Augusta US website, here is the link to the official website and here is a feature done by MotorCyclist.


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