WHITEHOUSE Customs The CB 750

Just looking at the above pic makes you want the bike. Of course that it has the legendary CB 750 engine makes it that more tempting. This is the customization done by WHITEHOUSE Japan.
I first noticed the bike in the THE NEW CAFE (RACER) blog and really was lovestruck by the designs. Well I didn't visit the mother site, but again when I saw the pics in MOTORCYCLE SPECS, I knew I had to see the website. The above pic is in the index page of the website. As all the text was in Japanese, all I could do was use google text converter. Well, nothing much came out from it.
According to internet sources here, Whitehouse was inspired by the designing of one Mr. Jim Goose, who has designed the Cafe Racers (for the Biker Gang) in the MAD MAX movies.
Whitehouse Customs seems doesn't work on only CB 750 but also probably on Harley Davidson. 'Probably' because there are some custom made HDs featured in the website, but whether they actually customize them, I am not certain.
The CB750 Tricolour
These specialized CB 750 Hondas has carbon fibre cowl with 2 models featuring full and half cowls. Lots of chrome gives a unique 80s sports look. While I couldn't specify anything on the engine, why dont we just gratify our visual senses with the stunning models!
The CB750 Cafe

From the website,

  • These specialized 750s would cost US $20,300 + taxes
  • Only 10 units will be built.
  • Specialized carbuerator is used which will increase the power by 20 bhp
  • It is being exhibited by a few select shops.
  • CB750 Cafe & CB750 Tricolour is sold for US $15,700 to 17, 800 + taxes with colours according to customer specifications.
  • Tank is made of aluminum
  • The stainless steel muffler sports a 4-2-1 exhaust
  • Round LED taillights
  • Sufficient storage space (where?)
  • The muffler assembly tweaks the power up to about 5 horsepower.
  • The website clearly states that the models are not sole performance based, but We wanted to express the most is the "sense of air 70s," .
  • Delivery time: About 90 days.
    Visit their website by clicking on the logo or here to view loads of photos of the carbon-fibred specialized CB 750.


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