And... The Fat Club is Back !!!

I had mailed Mr. Sebastian back and there was a very quick reply.
Thank you very much as well ! I have put a link to your blog on the FATforum ! here is the link THANK YOU SEBASTIEN!
I asked him if I need to change anything in the blog...
No remark it’s just great … except the pictures on the bottom which are not 100% pictures from members bikes (some were just taken on event & shared on the forum but for sure we know have a huge quantity of nice classic & rock’n roll bike pics) … otherwise it’s OK !
From the links and photos he provided, here are some samples of the member's bike collection.

The Honda 500 CX... Now this is just Awesome!

And then what would you say about this?

The very Radical SUZUKI BTR

The Very Very Stylish KAWASAKI ZX 750A

Well, France and the French people are well known for their style and charisma. And it just shows in the Fat Club forum that when it comes to style, there is plenty and abundant in France and that also says their love and passion for motorcycles. I guess there should be a common language for bike lovers. The great forum is in French. But for those who wants to contact him or know a few more details or even anything about any bike of the members, Mr. Sebastien will be more than happy to help you. After all, just a small problem in language can't keep us bike lovers seperated.

The Cafe Racer SUZUKI SV Racer

The 'Under Construction' Suzuki T350


He has also send the links of all the bikes posted here for referance in the forum.
Some of the these are listed below-

> Honda CB 750 by Get Appen
> Kawasaki ZX 750 “Japan Café Racer” by Full-Nours
> Suzuki T350 by J-Vic’
> Honda 500 CX by jlv58
> Suzuki “BTR” by Lolo37
> Yamaha SR 500 by Arthur
That’s just a small selection if you want to show some FATmembers bike on the bottom of the article … I am sure you will enjoy the small T350 café racer (still in progress) & the spectacular job of lolo37 (expecially its latest bike … the BTR) ! Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further informations about some of our FATmembers bike for your next articles. I will translate if the guy is not able to write in English.
Very best regards & hope to meet you one day on a racetrack or a café racer meeting in Europe !
THANK YOU SEBASTIAN for introducing to the world of FAT CLUB. Guys, I think I will be needing a break. After all, there is so much in the forum that even to look at all the images will take a day or two. And again it might take more. So guys if you dont see any new post for a few days, dont blame me, blame a certain Mr. Sebastien and you sure know where to find me. So off to Fat Club forum.


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