2009 V Max Launched

Yes, The 2009 V Max was finally launched as per schedule on 4th June.
So, what's new? Power is up, but not to what was projected as 210 bhp, but still a very impressive 197 bhp. The 16 valve DOHC engine is a V4 1679 cc with a very likeable 11.3:1 compression ratio which will blow away a lot of liter sports bike and even the B King and to say that the V Max is actually a Cruiser! Of course it is or why else would Yamaha have the bike in the Star Motorcycles section? Or at least thats what Yamaha wants us to believe. It has been equipped with Yamaha's YCC-T chip-controlled throttle to go along with a YCC-I chip-controlled intake for increased acceleration and the response is said to be instantaneous.
Featuring a five-speed transmission, it has a hydraulically-activated ramp-style slipper clutch and the shaft driven powertrain has a 4 x 2 x 4 exhaust system with titanium muffler canisters. The system is also equipped with a 3-way catalytic converter with an oxygen sensor. The chassis has been updated with a redesigned cast aluminum main frame. For the Cruiser feel, it sports a round dial speedo, tach and indicator lights mounted on the handlebars. Also mounted on the tank is a virtual onboard computer with an odometer, clock, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, gear position indicator, coolant temp, mpg, intake air temp, throttle valve opening angle, stopwatch and a countdown indicator. (Phew!)
One bad thing though! The bike is a limited edition at only 2500 of the 2009 version and its not cheap at $18,000. So you better rush to the nearest bank and the dealer if you have been waiting. The order period is June 4 through October 31.
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