Relieve the Glorious Past in Bol D'Or Classic

"Come and enjoy a weekend of exchanges, racing, celebration and passion at the Bol d'Or Classic. The Bol d'Or Classic is above all a great time travel and a festive gathering. Exchange traded, villages professionals, exhibitions, clubs, old motorbikes, animations and concerts attract thousands of participants in search of rare and come share their passion. With a high point, courses and demonstrations that allow pilots to face anonymous former champions on motorcycles who scored 60.70 years and 80. At Magny-Cours, in the stands in the paddock on the runway, the spectacle is everywhere!"
Well that's a translated version from French, but what is evident is the spirit!
When such is the spirit, you just know that more than a race, the Bol D'Or Classic is a get together of passionate bikers!
The Classic Bol d'or is a side event for the annual Bol d'or Race held in France. But this is where the fun is as you get to see a huge assemble of classic bikes with each owner trying to show-off his/her priced (usually) pristine possesion.
It happens annually on the second weekend (usally around 14th) of September at Magny Cours in central France. The race is run in two 120 minute stints, with each leg preceded by demonstration laps for bikes from the 60's to the 90's. It starts on the Saturday, late into dusk and again till Sunday late afternoon.
From Nortons to Moto Guzzis to BMWs to Ducatis to Bimotas to Laverdas and of course the Japs with Kawasakis, Hondas, Yamahas and Suzukis, you will find them all here. Not to mention, a fleet of Triumphs and BSAs, of couse no classic edition can be complete without the British entrants. Below are some classic "designer" bikes from the races over the years.

The track at Magny Cours
The Bol d'or on the other hand, is a part of the Endurance World Championship motorcycle race, lasts for 24 hours and each motorcycle has a team of 3 riders taking turns. The 2007 edition was the 71st edition of the race.
All in all, in totality, it is a rally, a carnival, a show, and other related events, all thrown in one epic weekend.
The 2007 race saw Suzuki's supremacy (with the Suzuki GSX-R1000) since 2001 coming to an end with the victory team Yamaha, courtesy the R1. Here are the results of the 71st edition held on 2007.
From 1998 to 2006, barring 2000, Suzuki won all the races making 6 in a row from 2001-06 on the Busa and Gixer until Yamaha last year broke the spell with the R1. In total, Suzuki has won the race on 9 occasions including their first win in 1993. Yamaha has won it thrice in 1994, 2000 and the 71st edition in 2007. Kawasaki won the race 4 times in 7 years between 1991 to 1997 (91, 92, 95, 97). Honda on the other hand won all the races from 1985 to 1990, after which they had managed only one win in 1996.
Visit the official Bol D'Or Classic website here and for the endurance race, visit the Bol D'Or official website.


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