MOTO GUZZI Easy Rider - Peter F by Mandello

Mandelo Cycles is a German based custom bike builders who focusses on customizing Moto Guzzis only and are also authorized retailers of the brand. The head of the company, Mr. Ingo Pape is a custom bike builder himself, who likes to do things differently. With more than a decade of working with Guzzis, they are fully equipped in thier workshop with special tools to give your Guzzi that extra treatment which would seem like its factory produced.
From getting your old Guzzi its own fuel injector to working on the shft drive to welding to repair, anything that can be done on a Guzzi can be done here. So, its not only the looks that they work in they can turn your 60s Guzzi to a 2008 model with all the latest gizmos and vice versa from a modern machine to a vintage look and feel. And if you just want your Guzzi serviced, they would do that too. Also any kind of spares from any era for a Guzzi and that can include even tyres... you want it, just place your order.
What you see here is of course a Guzzi on the lines of a chopper made famous by Peter Honda in the 1969 movie Easy Rider when biking still meant blowing your hair in the wind. The motto of this project is, as termed by Mr. Ingo Pape is "Back to the Roots". The basics of a chopper are the sitting position, pre footrests, a vibrating saddle with chrome springs, long wheelbase, wide or high handlebars, wide yokes, narrow front tires, and totally exposed. Keeping in trend of the same, the Guzzi is designed to perfection with the Peter Honda backdrop. The bike has been even baptized as Peter F. The wheels bears Morat spoke wheels and the hub at the rear (5 "x15) is original with 180/70 H15 and also at the front of size 2.15 x 18 with 100/90 H18. The front and the rear mudguard is of course customized made of stainless steel. The tank is from a Moto Guzzi California 1100. The single saddle has cylinder springs and the handlebars are 3icm in height. The rear swingarm is an original Moto Guzzi California 3 / 1100 rear swingarm.
The total product is stunning. Just look at it. I like the single seat with the emptiness beneath it. Gives it a retro look with the heavy duty engine all compact in the front. Ample of chrome gives it the definite chopper look and of course the elongated typical Easy rider handle bars and the elongated frame with the swingarm. In one way, if you look at it, there is nothing fancy about the bike, very simple but again it does look like a factory production, right? Kudos to you guys for the wonderful work on the Peter F.
Out of the many beautiful creations of Mandello Cycles is another ace up its sleeve. I will feature some more bikes in the next post. What you see here is a beautiful Cafe Racer, no... a Moto Guzzi customized Cafe racer, so the word beautiful has to come naturally, right?
Where would you find a more beautiful Cafe Racer than this? From the short front mudguard to the beautiful lime yellow paint scheme to the forked wheels to the up swept muffler in matt black finish, its so sweet.
And the single seat to the rear dome and the tail light beautifully snubbed at the rear mudgurad... And hey, it has a monoshock too! The typical handlebar with the round single piece headlamp and the round digital instument remains every bit a cafe racer. As for the specifications, you can see the up side down Showa forks associated with the 4-piston Brembo brakes with 320 mm discs to inspire confidence while the rear has a Brembo 2-piston caliper. The rear swingarm is custom made and the monoshock leads to the 5.0"x17" back wheel. . The muffler is a BOS 2 in 1 VA / Carbon plant that will emit the typical racer music.
The original frame doing duty here is from a Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1 and the engine is borrowed from a 1100 Sport. The tank is again from a Moto Guzzi Le Mans 3. The carburetors are Dell Orto 40 PHM . The spoked aluminum wheels bear VA-original hubs of size 5 "x17 with 160/60 ZR17 in the rear and 3.50" x17 with 120/70 ZR17 in the front.
Visit this link for more information on the bike. And you can also look around at the Mandello Cycles website. i am sure you will enjoy the visit.


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