The Art of Ritmo Sereno

There is something very ... how to say... Japanese about Japanese customization. I mean their concept of customization to Cafe Racers with keeping things simple works with all the custom designers. It hardly means that they resemble each other, everyone is unique in their style, yet the simplicity which they maintain is signatory Japanese. Its elegant to say the least. I have made a few posts under Jap Customs previously and now joining the list is Mr. Ritmo Sereno. Although their focus or so to say, donors come from the Japanese market, with Sereno, you get a European market as his focus is mainly BMW along with Moto Guzzi and BSA.
Just to repeat myself, I really need to learn japanese as all these wonderful creations are featured in websites that I am just not able to decipher. So here goes again, whatever I could make out from the website.
From the website, I could let you know that they are Japan based (you probably expected that) and one more thing Ritmo Serono may be the founder of the organization (thats what I could make out) and Siroh Nakagima is the CEO as given on a blog of the website. One more thing when you look through the website, try vivting all the links on the CUSTOM section, Man! I am telling you, you are gonna enjoy the beauties, each one!
They as mentioned customize the bikes and also manufacture their own parts and also source the spares so you might just want to purchase parts individually also. For a complete selection of bikes, go to your CUSTOM section where they have listed the entire catalogue of BMWs, BSAs and MOTO GUZZIs and I tell you there are quite a number of BMWs. Elaborate photos of before and after shots and all the inputs on what changes they have made are given {although in japanese :-( } They have a huge selection of photos in their custom file section. Well we all know how a 60s or 70s or80s bike look like, but the finished product is drool worthy to a T. Featured images here comes from a Moto Guzzi LeMans III, BMW R800, BSA A70 among others. They make both street and race versions which means they do the tuning bit too. I was especially fascinated by the BSA A70, a MOTO GUZZI Le Mans 1000 and a BMW nicknamed Rocket R.
Acording to the translated version of the website, they will "work wholeheartedly to any request", and it shows! They will also see that all the papers are clear and clean. Their motto is giving the original vehicles a get up to enjoy the modern benifits of mechanics while enjoying the old world charm. So, what are you waiting for, get your passport ready and visa in order, just rush to the Japanese embassy and thats it. And if you are thinking what are you gonna do if you so as to even think of getting bored watching them turn their beautiful craftsmanship on your old bike to a sexy beast, relax, as the store is attached to the café with the same name, just have a cup of japanese tea to soothe your tight nerves and that dropped jaw of yours!


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