Mail from a DUCATI Mono 'owner'

How often do you really jump when your mailbox says "You Got Mail"? Surely, not very often, right? Since I started blogging, I too started recieving mails and a few mails made me jump that came from special individuals, like the owner of Crocker Motorcycles and the owner of Falcon Motorcycles. Then I receive some mails with very nicely done custom bikes. Very recently, I got an email from a gentleman who has a prototype/ concept bike/ limited edition.... (I hope you get the picture) ... bike with him which he rides. And just guess, which bike can it be?
Just let me put across the mail I received...

I read your "blog" on the Ducati Supermono. I'm the guy who wrote the Wikipedia article on the Supermono. I own a Ducati Supermono.
If you would like some more photos for your article, I'd be happy to help. You actually have one of my bike on your website already. If you would like more photos, let me know.
Best Regards,

I jumped up on recieving the mail. Here was I getting to see a very very rare creation and I was asked if I need some photos? I wrote back to Jon pkleading him to send the photos and earnestly requested him to give a feedback on the bike ride, after all, who better than the owner himself. He replied immediately back but didn't mention much about the bike and in the mail I could sense his hesitation in speaking about his bike. And we should respect that because I believe in that too. It's just a thing lots of people believe... not talking about one's own bike. Anyway, he did send the photos and a small overview.

My Mono is the Mono Robert Holden raced at the IOMTT in 94'. I've enclosed some pics, feel free to use them.
I'm not sure about writing a blog about it though. I've ridden the bike a couple of times, but the lack of available spare part and the cost and rarity of the parts, one gets a little nervous about dropping her and or having an engine problem.
The last Supermono I saw, sold for 130,000 Euro last year. I'm sure you can understand my hesitation on taking her to the track anymore. Where are you located?
Best Regards,


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