Hollywood Stars and their Bikes

A few Hollywood Stars are known for their penchant for motorcycles. It's difficult for them to go riding like us, none the less occasionally and often sniping out. Well, what they lack in privacy, they make up by buying exotics. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and George Clooney are known to be bikers, well while Pitt and Clooney are more into riding, Tom like Jay Leno is more into collecting bikes. Here are some photos of Hollywood stars showing off their priced posessions. Also requesting if someone would have more photos or link so such a post, please send them over (my email is at the bottom of the page) so that I could add to these.
Added a few more below courtesy Double Oh Two

Tom Cruise on a Confederate Hellcat and on the Honda Rune (with wife Katie Holmes)

Keanu Reeves on a Norton Commander and a customized Harley Davidson

Ben Affeck on a Suzuki Gixxer and George Clooney on his customized Harley Davidson

Brad Pitt on his customized Harley Davidson and Ecosse Heretic

Jim Carrey on a Harley Davidson and Heidi Klum posing on a Harley CVO

Above 2 pics courtesy Double Oh Two. Thats Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana on DEUS customized bikes. Well, one is ofcourse the Monster, my guess on the second is a Speed Triple.
Correction - The bike Orlando Bloom is riding is not actually a Triumph Triple as I guessed, it's a SR500. I recieved a mail from BIKE EXIF main man Chris Hunter where he mentioned that "It's a very heavily customized Yamaha SR500 rather than a Street Triple, and the first Deus bike to end up in the USA." For a detail on the bike, visit the DUES SR500 Street Tracker link provided by Chris. One more thing, if you haven't subscribed to BIKE EXIF, you are REALLY missing something. Everyday you will recieve a mail with some very interesting finds and if you love to look at a bike and appreciate customized bikes, then BIKE EXIF is definitely for you. You will find a permanent link of BIKE EXIF in this blog (right side bottom) at BEST OF THE WEB.


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