Bikes from the 41st Tokyo Motor Show

Very nice YAMAHA promotional video at the Tokyo Motor Show & The Official HONDA CB1100 Video
The 41st Tokyo Motor Show held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, Tokyo will get underway this Saturday (October 24th) for public till 4th of November (Wednesday). As mentioned earlier Kawasaki will be absent and this time the theme is ‘Green’ or Environment Friendly and HONDA seems to have the biggest say with a large display of models. YAMAHA and SUZUKI are also present with their ‘Green’ models and there are also some other manufacturers like KYMKO. Also present from the North American Continent is HARLEY DAVIDSON and BRP with their Can-Am SPYDER although they are not totally or anyway ‘Green’.

Honda has their anticipated models like the CB series and the DN Touring motorcycle and also the new sports tourer VFR1200F and its variant. The CB Series has the CB1100 as ‘Customize Concept’ in striped Italian red tank coloring, compact bikini cowl solo seat all combine to project a more vivid race-winning image reminiscent of Honda's 1960s World Grand Prix Champion RC racers. It also features the CB1300 SUPER FOUR, which is Honda's flagship Naked road sports model featuring a more upright riding position with new left and right side split grab rails compared to the first model which came out in 1988. Honda’s new technology, Combined-ABS version is also available on this model. The third player of the series is the CB1300 SUPER BOL D'OR, based on the CB1300 SUPER FOUR. The 2010 model features a newly redesigned rear cowl and Combined-ABS version is also available. The final entry in the CB Series is a variant actually and it is the CB1300 SUPER TOURING which gets an upright riding position, windscreen and pannier cases. Combined-ABS is standard equipment on this model.

The VFR series made its debut in 1986 and has won many accolades as a sports touring motorcycle. The all-new VFR1200F has numerous advanced new technologies and of course, its standout most definitely is the aerodynamic high-tech fairing. A Dual Clutch Transmission version of the VFR1200F is also available
There is a new scooter PCX, designed to be a global 125cc standard scooter model, initially focusing on Europe and Asia. It features the ‘Idle-Stop’ system (bike engine stops on idle after a specified amount of time) which will provide enhanced fuel efficiency beside reducing emissions, while its innovative integrated ACG starter (the bike will start again once you increase the throttle).
They also are showcasing another flagship model, the DN-01 Touring Concept with its advanced automatic HFT (Human Friendly Transmission) and the 2010 model has a taller windscreen and large panniers.

Then they have the VT 1300 Series, which has a 1300cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke OHV V-twin engine. Actually it is one motorcycle with 3 variants, the VT1300CS is a street custom version with 21-inch front and 15-inch rear tires and stretch fuel tank. The VT1300CX has long front fork and “high-neck” cruiser styling more of a custom bike look and the third variant is the VT1300CR which has a modern retro custom cruiser feel with long and low proportions.
Honda ‘green’ brigade has the futuristic design EVE-neo which is an EV concept model designed for business use, such as post and delivery services. Joining the brigade is the EV-Cub which is very distinctive of the first-generation Super Cub, featuring electric motor integrated into both its wheels and the batteries mounted in its aluminum frame. Like the Super Cub, its convenience features include a capacious utility space under its seat.

Yamaha will feature the XS Sakura on the show, but in the available sources, there has been no mention of the model. Neither is the new M1, but do expect them surely. Yamaha is bringing back the very much in demand SR model which is one of the most sought after models for customized shops and bike modifiers, especially those into CafĂ© Racers and Street trackers. The SR400 was first released in March of 1978, and the reason for its sought after being is that it has a very simple design and a simple air cooled cooled single-cylinder engine. The SR model is still available, but only in Japan and whether Yamaha makes it a worldwide release is not known. The SR has undergone a series of detail improvements and continued to evolve in many ways and the 2010 model which is showcased as ‘Special Exhibition Model’ gets a fuel-injected engine for better emission norms. It features a new retro-modern styled meter panel and newly designed side covers.
One of the concept models that have got the world attention is the new Yamaha EC series, the EC-03, EC-f and EC-fs. Japan has been enjoying the EC series since about 8 years noe and there has been the EC-01 and EC-02. The electric-powered vehicle is designed to serve as a commuter bike for city dwellers and will help the environment and also the rider economically. Constructed using lightweight aluminum, the scooter runs on a lithium-ion battery and can easily be plugged into a normal electrical socket for recharging. It is still unknown whether the concept will take production form, but you would surely take a second glance at the typical design which from afar is difficult to say which way is the front and which is the rear. The size is 3/4th of a (say a 250cc) road motorcycle.

Another concept from Yamaha which has got the motorcycling world by storm is the Yamaha Tenere. You would very well remember and can associate the Tenere from the Paris – Dakar rallies. Weirdly, the concept bike is covered with cloth, though it does give a tantalising glimpse of what the Japanese firm will be bringing to production next year. The concept bike, actualy is made of cloth and it is covered but will give you a fair impression of what lies beneath. It is to go into production next year. Yamaha Europe already has a Yamaha Tenere website. The bike has a Highlights include a 1200cc parallel twin engine with shaft drive, traction control, ABS with three modes, linked brakes, side mounted radiators and a 270 degree crank (like the 1200cc parallel twin engine with shaft drive, traction control, ABS with three modes, linked brakes, side mounted radiators and a 270 degree crank.)
Suzuki doesn’t have anything new as in completely new models in the major bike category. Adorning the Suzuki stands are two (nonetheless) new bikes. These are the Gladius and Boulevard, but both of them sporting 400cc engines. The streetbike Gladius 650 will be joined by its smaller sibling by next year and so will the cruiser Boulevard. The Gladius 400 also gets ABS. There is the big Bandit 1250F ABS. The Burgman scooter gets a new variant and goes the eco-friendly way by having a Fuel Cell.
Moving east of Japan, we get into North American territory and they have HARLEY DAVIDSON from the U.S and BRP from Canada making way to Tokyo. BRP with their Can-Am SPYDER RS is looking at new markets and Japan just seems to be that market as of now. This ‘Trike’ or 3 wheel motor engine cannot be probably called a Trike as the front rather has 2 wheels. The motorcycle comes with ABS and traction control and has a V-twin, 1000cc engine. I didn’t knew this but to ride the Spyder, you need to have a car driving license. HD has their big range of cruisers and touring motorcycles. It actually bought 3 of them. The FLHTCUSE5 really pushes the term “fully loaded” to the edge. From satellite radio and heated handgrips to exclusive custom paint schemes, this bike has it all beside the humongous 1,801cc Screamin Eagle V-Twin engine and is the top of the line machine from HD. Next is the FXDF2-CVO, which has custom details and has a Twincam 96 V-Twin engine while the third model is the FXDWG Dyne Wide Glide, which has a low-down and beefy image with old-school chopper looks with all the comfort of a modem ride. KYMCO has bought a arange of scooters from 50 cc onwards. Among the exhibited models are the Kymco Agility RS Naked 50 (in orange), Kymco Agility City 125 (matt black), Kymco Lite 200i (cream) and Kymco Many 50 (in white). In case, you are interested, here is the full range of showroom scooters from Kymco.
Visit the TOKYO Motor Show virtually if you cannot be there in person and take a look at all the motorcycles that are present.


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