The CONFEDERATE Fighter at the Salts

If you have stopped salivating and if you can just pick up your dropped jaw from the floor (Yes! you have dropped it without even realizing it!), you need to know that you need not be embarrassed by your behavior, its very common to drool over the CONFEDERATE bikes. Okay, now that you have done the drooling, I am sure you know that this is the P120 Fighter Combat. Another luxury bike from the team of Matt Chambers with no plastic and all metal, just the way bikes are meant to be. Yes, very very powerful and fast.
Engine: V-Twin, 1670cc,
Max Torque and Power: 135 ft lbs & 160 hp
Chassis & Swingarm: CM design triple load path 6061 aircraft grade aluminum monocoque backbone, bulkhead, fuselage side plate construction; oil/fuel in frame
Wheel Base: 64 inches; Seat Height: 27 inches; Weight: 460 lbs;
Fuel: 4 gallons;
Front: CM design double wishbone machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum linked to aerodynamic dual lightweight tubular wing blades
Primary Drive: Belt, CM design; machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum
Transmission: 5 speed
Suspension: Race tech; low/high speed compression and rebound adjustable
Brakes: Brembo 4 piston; radial pumps; carbon, ceramic, aluminum matrix lightweight discs
Wheels: Front: 19” x 3” Rear: 18” x 8”
Console: Precision integrated analogue meter; warning, speed, RPM

My favorite ‘non-affordable-in-this-lifetime’ bike is the CONFEDERATE Motorcycles, any and all of them. So to get as close as to the real thing, all I can do is look and gawk at the bikes and a good thing I did was subscribe to their blog. Well, the posts are very few, but I eagerly wait for each new post, something around 1 in 2 to 3 months. This is the latest I received.
Now, you must have been aware of the latest motorcycle from CONFEDERATE. You might remember last year $110,000 Christmas gift (not for you, silly!), The Renaissance Fighter, now the bike goes into ‘mass’ production with as many as 50 copies titled P120 Fighter Combat. This 160 hp bike is capable of speeds of over 300kmph and while that remains, the guys at CONFEDERATE tried this monster at the Salts recently. Here is the blog extract from the original source.

The P120 The Sodium Assault
Our circa ‘09 Bonneville Salt Flats sojourn was the most memorable to date. Our Arabic 1 pre-production prototype fired a mere 96 hours prior to hitting the Salt.
The sodium assault was indeed hard as we ran several 155+ mph passes. Please understand that this represents a one mile average on conditions which were sticky and wet compared to the ideal. I made a call to change gearing early in the week when a bump in the rev limiter was a more appropriate choice. Had I made the right decision, it is likely we would have surpassed our own record set on the Wraith in 08. Nevertheless, a very smooth riding, easy to start, linear to modulate, vibration free, raw, naked confederate that will run 155.8 mph on wet salt is something we can all be proud of. The fact that it was accomplished on the first build of the Fighter model
production run calibrating less than 10 miles on the odometer is cool. The fact that the same machines was tested on the Race Tech chassis dyno and determined to be the truest and straightest of the 360 OEM machines previously evaluated thereon is an accurate validation of the precision which our design and craft team brings to the business of creating the greatest American motorcycle it is possible to make.
The family and friends component of the annual event grew considerably this year. Conversations revolved around all manner of things, transcending the lust for speed on racing’s most hallowed ground into areas both frivolous, serious and outright amusing in a “you had to be there” kind of way.We have a top secret game changing initiative for 2010. Please stay tuned; you will be glad you did!

I am always game for such news, of course I know I cannot afford it, but who can stop me from salivating, certainly not Matt Chambers!
Original Source: The brilliant images are captured by none other than Randal Crow.
Visit CONFEDERATE yet again to lose your senses, or you can get to know more of the monster P120 Combat Fighter’s characters and prowess. There is also a previous post of the bike in this blog.
Below are also some additional photos (also taken from their blog) of the P120 Combat Fighter at the Quail Logde. Source: Photos from CM - The Quail Lodge A Motorsports Gathering


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