Mai Lin - Looks Stunning... Stunt Riding

Do not let the images fool you. You might be thinking that if you come across this beauty, you will try every trick in your book to serenade her. You better watch out, she just might stun you with her looks and ‘stunt’ circles around you while you are trying to a wheelie. Meet Ms. Mai-Lin Senf, professional motorcycle stunt women. How many times have you heard these four words ‘professional motorcycle stunt woman’ together? Probably never before. Mai Lin Senf is only 24 years and she hails from Hamburg, Germany. She is pretty straight forward when it comes to ‘What a Girl Wants’? She wants to be a stunt rider (which she already is) so that she can become famous (she is getting there) and then she will be travelling across the world (for starters, she is travelling all across Europe with her shows). The girl could have easily passed off as a fitness model and could have had an easier or say, less dangerous life style but the fiery girl (according to her) likes to play with fire. Although she has ventured out what is erstwhile seen as a man’s world, she cannot put down her girlish instincts and so has a fascination for the colour pink and has also made it her trademark colour.

Mai-Lin performs for movies, for the audience and she is quite booked. Her calendar seems to be full with three four shows every month. She will be doing around 30 shows for the calendar year of 2010 majorly in Germany, Holland, Belgium and England. While browsing her website, one gets the feeling that she literally meant what she said about her liking towards fire as you would see lots of pictures when she is stunt riding with either her rear tyre on fire or jumping across huge flames of fire.
This entire stunt riding has given her quite a name in Europe and she also did stunt action for a German movie, "Killing is My Business, Honey" and gets a lot of modeling offers. She has featured in many magazines and covers. But her first love has always been motorcycles and stunt riding. Modeling and other assignments, as she mentions, is for fun. On the stunt riding scenario, she has taken lessons and underwent professional trainings which shows her commitment and seriousness towards her passion. She started converting her passion into her profession at the start of 2007 with intensive trainings with three to four times weekly and today May-Lin is a professionally qualified stunt woman and member of the Double Action Stunt Team from Hamburg which besides performing in motorcycling events also offers TV and Movie stunt men and of course stunt women or rather a woman.

Lucky for her and thanks to Pirelli and Parts Europe, she has constant sponsorers. Her other sponsors include german based companies like Victory Motorcycles, Crash Cage and Point of Sign. At an event at the legendary London ACE Cafe in 2009 (Sep 11th to 13th), she debuted and performed for an hour in between perfomances from Marc 'Sparky' Chennel and Joe Vertical from USA. She drove some 150,000 spectators to frenzy with her stunt tactics and she did all the stunts with a full helmet. Majority didn’t know that there was a beautiful woman beneath the helmet and when Mai-Lin took off her helmet there was a long and big applaud. She has been fortunate enough not to get involved in any serious injuries in a profession where ‘serious injury’ is the middle name. Of course she mentions that for any new trick or stunt, her approach is very cautious and she builds up to the stunts very slowly. She says “It is very important for me to stay healthy". However, stunt riding is dangerous and of course it takes a lot of courage to be successful in this profession."
If you ask her what are her future goals, as I said, she is pretty straight forward, “My goal for the future: I just want to get better, tour around the world performing stunt shows and be famous as a stunt girl."I was not able to find any thing as to what kind of bikes she uses for her stunts as it is not mentioned anywhere and since her pink coloured GSX is kind of camouflaged, it is difficult to say that it actually is a GSX. She does use 2-3 different bikes as seen from the photo section. You can visit her website and make sure you visit all the galleries. There is a section on her videos and I have posted a video down on the post. You can leave your comments on her website by signing her guestbook. I just did. For more picyutes, you can also check her Fotki profile. You can mail her at In plain words, Mai-Lin is awesome. It is very cliché, buy You Go! Girl!


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