Sara Eileen & her Triumph Bobber

The gorgeous lady is Sara Eileen and for all the right reasons, she has been quite a toast for motorcycle blogs. This lady of course is no poser, she is the real deal. That she can pass off as a model with her long legs and beautiful hair and pretty face is altogether a different thing, but she knows her ‘bike’, a retro fashioned Triumph customized to a Bobber. The way she dresses certainly ads up to the overall character of the bobber image. If you think about a bobber with one half of your brain and think about Sara (as you picture her) with the other half, words like Cool, Grungy, Retro, might pop up. Somehow the lady and this particular bike compliment each other. In fact, Sara is no celebrity, neither a model, but she has been featured on the cover of Big Twin magazine. I mean, it is rare thing that being a everyday person, you get featured on a cover of a magazine for just being you.

Credit also needs to go to the bike designer and also the photographer. The photographer of the images capturing Sara is a gentleman from Holland, Mr. Maurice van den Tillaard, who is a photographer by profession. Very brilliantly, he has set even the settings of the backgrounds to 70s and 80s styling, the houses, the car, the railway crossing, I mean no high rise buildings or flyovers on the background which would have been on contrast with the overall character of the bike and Sara. Images of Sara on the beautiful Triumph are available in Maurice website (here and here), blog and flickr accounts.

Well, the bike was probably ‘re-done’ by one Mr. Toby or so it seems. I am saying that because I tried various links to see who had worked on the Triumph, but all I could get was that. If anyone reading this knows more about it, please do share it. For sure I know, the tank was designed by Mr. Max Scaff. Max has a blog by the name of 4Q Conditioning and his posts on Sara’s Triumph can be found here and here. The tank is a real beauty, very uncharacteristic of a bike, let alone a bobber, but just so fitting here. I don’t know how max had this idea, but he had pulled off a stunner.Additional images of Sara were sourced from Pin Up Girl Gallery.


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