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BIKE EXIF by Chris
With over 7500 fans, you know Chris, from Australia is really doing a great job. The highpoint of the website is that everyday in your mailbox, you will get a mail from BIKE EXIF about a beautiful bike found somewhere on earth. Yes everyday! You wont get a lot of technical stuff on it as Chris himself says that BIKE EXIF is not really for hardcore bikers, but for bike enthusiasts who love bikes in general, classic, custom or anything beautiful. I had the oppurtunity for guest editing last December and believe me, it is not easy picking up a new post everyday. Chris has been doing it over 2 years now.
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Another fantastic website from Down Under, Scott has an eye for the delectably funky motorcycles. Scott says " Pipeburn is all about cafe racers, street trackers, custom motorcycles, classics, bobbers, flat trackers and more." I like the 'and more' part. You will know what I mean when you visit him and visit him for sure because he has a great store too. Selling great looking motorcycle T-Shirts with all the legendary brands name like Norton, Triumph, Guzzi, BSA and also the Japanese companies. He also has some nice riding gloves. 
I really wish he too has a subscribe button like BIKE EXIF where in case we miss one of his beautiful posts (or just so whenever he makes a new post), we get it in our mail. How about it Scott?
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Mr. Nolan Woodbury is a Motojournalist and a great photographer and also the co-founder of Vintage Motorcycles Online along with John J. Cerilli. Incidentelly he is also the man responsible for giving me this idea of having a community of our like minded bloggers/ web designers. But of course that is not the reason why the website is featured here. Their website has great content on classic and vintage bikes, loads of information and actually it is a full blown website about motorcycles from forums, to classifieds to wallpapers, everything you can ask for. The best section is probably the 'Stories' under Features. They are "Living the history and passion of vintage motorcycles", check it out, you will be a repeat visitor I am sure.
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