MOTO GUZZI V7 - The Classic Edition

MOTO GUZZI is synonymous with 80's Classic styling which they have maintained even today. In the true MOTO GUZZI traditional styling, it has launched the V7 CLASSIC at the ECIMA Milan Motorcycle Show on November 2006. What you get in the V7 Classic is a motorcycle with classic, timeless lines saluting the essential spirit of Moto Guzzi's elegance and style.
The V7 Classic is very simple to look at, but will hold your attention for ever. The machine also follows the traditional V7 with a 2 valve 750cc twin engine. Even the flat contour of the tank and seat will remind you of the classic bike. It is simply an impressive looking bike with a mchine which can tour and and also will have the city riding fun element, which means like previous classic Guzzis, the V7 Classic is an enjoyable and versatile machine.
This blog has a couple of new-age retros featured including the last one on Yamaha Sakura and true, the world is going retro. The Moto Guzzi V7 Classic is another new-age retro in the market along with classic models by Eurpoean bike factories like Triumph and Ducati. The V7 Classic is based on Moto Guzzi’s very successful Breva 750, with only 50bhp from the 750cc air-cooled twin. The engine, as mentioned earlier has only two-valves per cylinder, which means low and mid-range power. The frame and suspension are also a take on the classics, tubular steel cradle, and suspension is right-way up forks and retro twin shock absorbers. A single Brembo caliper and disc at the front provides the stopping. Wheels are spoked chrome rims with tubed classic-look tyres. Of course, the V7 in the 60s were Moto Guzzis first v-twin engine and it follows the new-age retro.

Now & Then - The V7 Classic and the V7 Original
The launch of the V7 Classic is to celebrate the 40th birthday of the first Italian Maxi Motorcycle created by Giulio Cesare Carcano. As I said, the V7 is simple yet elegant bringing the 70s to mind when motorbikes had an essential beauty that was formed by simple straight lines and chrome decorations.
The V7 Classic carries a lot of chrome from the classic California GT while the tank resembles that of the Sports version. The spoked wheels, the cigar shaped silencers and the flat quilted saddle is of course pure nostalgia. The new machine is fully up-to-date with a Euro 3 engine. The instrument panel has analogue dials with suitably dated graphics. The V7 Classic is somewhat smaller than other Moto Guzzis, making it manageable with excellent riding position that are perfect for both town use and longer mixed journeys.

Some photos where mentioned are credited to Moto Mag
Technical Specifications
Engine Type - Air Cooled, 744 cc, 90° V-Twin, 4 strokes Cylinders Aluminium alloy with Gilnisil treatment Pistons forged with 2 inner liner and 1 oil control ring
Bore and stroke - 80x74 mm
Compression ratio - 9,6:1
Timing system - 2 overhead valves with light alloy push-rod
Fuel system - Weber-Marelli electric injection
Starting system - Electric
Exhaust - 3 ways catalyzed with sonda Lambda
Gearbox - 5 speeds
Primary drive & Ratio - Helical gears, 16/21=1 : 1,3125
Secondary drive & Ratio - Shaft drive, ratio 8/33=1 : 4,825
Braking system - Brembo Serie Oro Front brake single stainless steel floating disc, 320 mm, with 4 piston calipers Rear brake single steel disc, 260 mm
Wheels & Rims - Spoke light alloy, Front rim 3"x17" & Rear rim 3,50"x17"
Tyres - Front 110/70 17 54 H, Rear 130/80 17 65 H
Dry weight 182 Kg


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