'OFFICIAL'ly modified YAMAHA SR to Cafes

The first photo is of the SR Peyton Place, the second is of SR Italian Tradition, the third is of SR Norton and the fourth is of SR Cafe 5. Well, I couldn't get much more info on those beauties except for that. You see, the whole site is in Japanese font and for most of the time all I saw were small rows of boxes.

Okay the look of the engine is definitely Yamaha-70s-4stroke. Remember the XS! Well, the SR was also from those times, single cylinder 400 to 500 cc bikes with around 30 bhp. Check the original bike below and its reincarnation.
Anyway, these SR series bikes are modified by the company OFFICIAL, a company in Japan or so was what I could make out from the website. Click HERE to go to thier website.
The company not only modifies SR, but can help you with out-market canisters, exhausts, levers and everything you want to make your steed more desirable. A list of items available on thier website can be found HERE. Dont expect any English langauge anywhere. I would be grateful if anyone can translate a few lines from the website.
The photos above according to the website are of SR Cafe 4 Imola, SR Street Cafe, another picture of the SR Noton and SR 400 Cafe. Why they are named as such, dont ask me. I am also as astonished as you are just looking at these beauties. From common sense, the Cafe 4 and Cafe 5 probably means the 400 & 500 cc machines. But as they say, beauty has no language, so why dont we just shut up and feast our eyes on these beauties?
The first pic below is definitely my favoirate, the SR Cafe Italian Tradition.

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