MOTO GUZZI Dragster by Mandello

Mr. Ingo Pape is a custom bike builder from Mandello Cycles in Germany, who likes to do things differently now and then. Well I made a post on this creative artist some months back and this post should have come after that to maintain the continuity, but... Sorry for that anyway. Nonetheless, go through the post to get oriented to what Mandello is all about. Basically he customizes Guzzi motorcycles according to customer demands.
Here is one such model where a customer wanted a mixture of a dragster with a low-rider. Usually Mandello's favoirate outfit is hard-tail chops, so the firm took this as a challenge and got him thinking.

The bike uses different Guzzi parts from models of various eras like the Le Mans Mk 4 engine integrated into a 1974 T3 Guzzi chassis. There are parts from other bikes too, like the front wheel and Showa forks are from a 900 Ducati. Guzzi again makes its way at the rear wheel, exhausts and Brembo brakes which are sourced from a Guzzi V11 model. The swingarm came from a 2002 California tourer. The gas tank is from a 90s 1100 Sport which has been modified.
Of course there are handcraftyed items too like a traditional customized bikes. The mudguards and footpegs were hand-crafted from stainless steel.
The bike has a lean, purposeful look, with clean, angular lines definitely inspired by Harley’s V-Rod , but I find it looking aaa... umm... a bit more attractive than the inspiration.
Just look at it! The T3 frame with 7 ° oriented steering head, Borla mufflers, Showa fork, 4-piston Brembo calipers and Lucas slices with those EV swingarm, 180 tires in a 5.5 "wide rear V11 frame... This IS a Dragracer!

View the bikes profile in the website's Dragster section.
Mandello has been working on Guzzis for over a decade now and it shows in the manner that he ahs so finefy mastered. The workshop has "A fully equipped workshop with special tools, such as Axons engine injector tester for motorcycles, Lambdateser traveling for the carburetor vote, CO-tester for AUK-setting, etc. as well as continuing measures to ensure optimal repair and maintenance work." With its own turning, milling, drilling and various special welding procedures your dream Guzzi can be materialized here. From the engine, gearbox to driveshaft repair, glass bead blasting, aluminum polishing, a well-stocked warehouse with spare parts and accessories, tire service, TUV entries, and what not, it has the entire offerings.
All the models are really very beautiful. For instance, another in the sries is the Race Group 2. Not sure if that is the name, actually the site is in german, so... For this, the 1100 Sport 1997 model formed the skeleton. Upto the basic chassis was dismantled. The vision was again having a mixture of modern technology and retro looks. The front fender has been replaced by a Ducati fender replaced, Le Mans 1 lamp casing with round headlights and ox-eye indicators, as well as a renovated Le Mans 3 tank complimenting those awesome polished wheels. To ensure that the electrics that are totally covered under does not overheatdue to the exhaust system , the rear frame was aerated with 'sandwich flooring'. The air box was replaced by the V11, the battery is located under the gearbox. All conversions were home made. Check out the section Race Group 2 on the website.

There are a whole lot of models worth every bit of posting in a blog, but I dont want to bore you. So just visit the site of Mandello Cycles and enjoy the diversity and imagination of Mr. Pape as he produces one after another masterpiece og customized Guzzis. There is a Gallery of various customized bikes in a single page which will live you awestruck. Posting 2 images from the gallery below. Now tell me whether you wont love to have these bikes whether you are a Guzzi fan or not. And hey, while checking it out, also visit the Strada Special. I am sure you will get bowled over.


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