Nostalgia, Net Friends, New Links and More...

I had made an earlier post on a club in France by the name of Fat Club. The co-owner Mr. Sebastian a.k.a Sonic Seb became a net friend of mine and we exchange mail now and then. The Fat Club is of course a France based club with its own forum and the members have some of the most beautiful modified and custimozed Cafe Racers I have seen and I made a post of the same here. Recently he had started his own blog by the name of Ze Last Chance Garage Du 78 and he had put this blog on the links section (Thanks again, Seb!). The blog is very beautiful with tons of images and the focus is more on the visual stimulation than the grey cell matters. Its not only about bikes, but also (as it reads) bikes, cultures, friends & more. The language is English. On one of the post, I came across another link by the name of Nostalgia On Wheels, a blog by a gentleman with the pseudonym Strech, with the focus on "Rolling Art From a More Civilized Age!". I have just gone through the display page and I was visibly stunned by the photos he had. All these photos are from the blog and I had a quick overview and I tell you... you will be amazed by the photos he have collected. From Wild Angles to Knuckleheads to Peter Fonda to Outlaws, he has covered it all. I wanted to put some mentionable posts, but then it would have been unfair on the other posts. So visit the blog and you will really enjoy. Thank You Sebastian for introducing us to yet another fine motorcycle association.
Click on this link to go to Sebastian's Blog
All photos below sourced from Strech's Nostalgia On Wheels Blog


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