The Cafe Racer from T.M. Choppers

I got the link of T.M. Choppers through a link in my friend Sebestian's blog. There is no link in the blog itself, but if someone does such wonderful job, its not very difficult to track anything these days, thanks to the net. Looking at the bike, I thought T. M. Choppers must be a group of hardcore HD guys in the U.S. But I was very pleasently surprised.
When I saw .ee in the web address, I really thought hard that what can 'ee' mean? I mean, other then .com, .net and .org, the others usually used are according to the countries, like .in (for India), .jp (for Japan), .za (for South Africa) and like wise. Little did I wonder that .ee meant Estonia. I am sure you have heard about Estonia and the name sounds as one of those countries which fragmented from USSR in the early 90s. Well, it is, and it is near to Finland and Sweden in the Baltic region.
Okay, T. M. Choppers concentrates only in HDs and of course Buell. They are into choppers and drag racers. This was the only Cafe Racer featured in the website and although there was no associated text, it looked good :-) and fit to post. C'mon, its a Cafe Racer! They dont make the accessories like exhausts themselves but has a lot of friends for out sourcing, mainly Europe & U.S. They are also into HD purchase and sales and of course, repairs & servicing too.
With a decade of collective experience under them, every product they make bears a stamp of top class quality product and they have been featured in many shows and mags. According to their website, the current fastest V-twin in Estonia was built and owned by one of their own mechanics. If you would like to contact Toomas Köster or Marek Kose (the owners of T.M Choppers) you will find them here. Visit th T.M Choppers website and one more gallery featuring the bikes in Flickr.


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