In The News - Hellcat CX3, now more lighter & more power

I recently saw CONFEDERATE has given a new look to their website which meant there must be something new. Well this is it. CONFEDERATE has further improvized on their awesome Hellcat engine. This is the new C3 X132 Hellcat or simply CX3. The main page reads,

"Introducing the C3 X132 Hellcat: America’s New Heirloom Motorcycle Architecture
When we accepted the challenge of re-designing and re-engineering, from a clean sheet of paper, our core Confederate architecture, we mandated that the result be: honest, standardized, utilitarian, overbuilt, simple, pure, strong, tough, powerful, elegant, timeless, and permanent. Each of these core architectural benchmarks has been dutifully achieved, without compromise. There has never been an American motorcycle foundation so true to concept. CX3 is the core of the most important motorcycle launch in our 20 year history."

Reading on futher,
C3 Hellcat: Target market and Production Schedule
The C3 X132 Hellcat will be the lightest, fastest, toughest, smoothest, most beautiful
Hellcat, ever. Further, it will be priced within reach of the top 10% of Harley Davidson buyers. We are targeting the American motoring purist and aficionado. First deliveries begin October 31, 2010, Halloween night, from our new facilities in the art district at 733 St. Joseph Street. This event will mark our first annual Halloween party as we celebrate production of the World’s finest road bike, and simultaneously, with humble gratitude, our return home, to our beloved New Orleans.
Press Downloads
The following are hi-resolution CAD image captures of the C3 X132 architecture. Click this link to download the images in a self contained zip file. Pleae contact Amy Calvert with any further press needs or questions.
What we know about the Hellcat specifications or rather about its engine is that this is one beautifully crafted unit which houses a V-Twin 4 stroke engine displacing 2146 cc (Bore & Stroke 4.4 x 4.4 inches) with a huge power output of 137 hp extendable upto 150 hp and more and an equally humongous 197 Nm of torque accelerated through a 5 speed gearbox to a top speed of minimum 135 mph and much more according to buyer's tweaking specifications. The engine is entirely machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum. with ultra high compression, ported and polished head design with special application camshift grind. Now if someone were to improvize on that, meaning adding more power while substracting its weight, this would be one hell of a mean machine. Lightest, fastest, smoothest Hellcat. Hmmm... no doubt. Most Beautiful Hellcat? and that too "ever"! Now, this I gotta see as it is diffcult to understand how can you make this bike look even more beautiful? And it says that the price will be probably a lit bit more than the HD Ultraglide flagship models which means it will be just touching the 30,000 USD mark. The original Hellcat was also similarly priced. So this year Halloween is going to be extra special for the road bike lovers. And since we still have half a year to go, maybe we need to start saving.
For the less informed, New Orleans was the original place of Confederate motorcycles. It was very badly affected by Hurricane Katharine in 2005 and now it seems Chris has built his factory back as they will be shifting to Orleans.
Find out more about the CX3 here. Photos and news source - Confederate


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