Mailbag: Trike, Vintage, Boots...

There has been a few mails I received that’s needs to be mentioned. So here goes…
Sometime back, I made a post of an interesting Trike here. I wrote that it was a customized HD. Well, I was wrong. I received a letter from one, Ms. Linda where she wrote.

My partner owns the Limo Trike which is also Trademarked. For more information you can contact him on If you want to see more about it go to as well as
By the way it is not a HD however, you can contact roger with any questions. You will also find Limo on Facebook as Limo Trikes Australia....
All the best

I, of course visited the website and it was really interesting. The Limo Trike offers you a classy hand crafted motor coach and truly the interior is even more exciting than the exterior. It can accommodate upto 8 passengers and wait! It features a bar, air conditioning, Champagne cooler and of course the usual like mood lighting and stereo can use it for weddings, parties, airport transfers, or just about anything you can think of. Charter prices start at $50 per person which is by the way negotiable after first hour.
Broome Trike Tours was first established in 1999. Don’t worry about the champagne, they are liquor licensed. The only ‘not cool’ part was that the services of the Trike are available only in Australia. I say, they should open up branches all over, what say, mate!
Photo courtesy: Broome Trike Tours. You need to check a video of the Trike at Limo Trike Australia.

And then there was a mail from Mr. Nolan Woodbury who (along with John J. Cerilli) is the owner of a wonderful website Vintage Motorcycle Online. The website has almost everything, no, remove the ‘almost’ part, it HAS everything, from reviews to wallpapers to classifieds. I would need sometime to spend on it which means that I am embarrassed telling about the fact that I didn’t knew about this wonderful website.
Just look at the topics like the one on the Brough Superior or the Velocette. But there are topics on modern motorcycles as well which also covers the highly publicized Motoromoto’s CB750 among others.
Both Nolan and John are hardcore Moto journalist and photographer. He was kind enough to sent some interesting photos which I have posted here above. And you can contact Nolan Woodbury at or throgh mobile and fax at these numbers - (520) 705-7148 (mobile), (520) 723-9759 (fax).

Another mail, that was probably mass circulated but the mailer posted it at individual emails with this message.


Vitesse was created by Caroline and John Mollanger - two product and brand building experts with 20 years of experience at Nike Inc. and Puma AG - on the evidence that too many motorcycle riders do not wear moto boots. Vitesse picked among the best talents worldwide for product creation and brand development, to provide riders with the most qualitative experience.
The 2010 products are inspired by iconic footwear such as work shoes, English gentlemen boots and vintage sneakers. Please visit the Press section of our website to download pictures or press kit For all purposes, please contact us at:

I whole heartedly support wearing appropriate and proper gear while riding any motorcycle and also personally dress up everytime I go out outside the neighborhood. But so far somehow haven’t featured much accessories on this blog except fot the DAVIDA post. But this I had to… just because the boots look so damn nice. And I am sure doing some publicity for wearing proper motorcycle gear would somehow add to my good deeds book. Anyway, they are not really cheap though, not that I expected it looking at the product. Boots are priced 150 Euros and above. To see the Vitesse boots collection, visit Vitesse Moto


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