Mailbag - Some awesome Vintage stuff

I received a mail from a fellow blogger, Pete Young who has his blog Occhio Lungo filled up with so so many vintage bikes articles and photos that you can spend an entire day there. Actually he liked a post I made on the Curtiss Motorcycle and accordingly as he mentioned, it seems there is more on the motorcycle then what I thought I knew. I am digging up his inputs and one link from his blog directing to a post which featured vintage motorcycles from the 1st Legend of The Motorcycle event has photos taken by one Mr. Red Fred Johansen. A google search on Red Fred gave me a link to a pdf document from Legend of The Motorcycle website and in the very first cover page, I saw a different Curtiss Motorcycle. Click here for the pdf document. So one thing lead to another and till I get more info and make another post, enjoy the pictures of some vintage bikes from Legend of The Motorcycle, taken by R. F Johansen.
The link, as mentioned was from Pete's website, Occhio Lungo and the images at Pete's blog are much much bigger.
Thanks Pete.
All photos copyrighted by R. F. Johansen, 2010. Would really appreciate if Pete or anyone can provide me a link to Mr. Johansen's website.
This is the Curtiss I was talking about. Looks a lot like the Pope and Pete has mentioned as 'Jim Lattin’s Curtiss'. Let me dig us what more information Pete has. Standing next to the Curtiss is the Militaire and the MARS in white.

Henderson 4 cylinder racer and a 'Twindian'. Just look at that engine

Cleveland 4 racer with a AJS OHC single in the background
Super X, Cyclone, Henderson, HD, Pope, Burt Munro’s streamliner (well, half of it), This is just too amazing. Blessed are those sould who saw these bikes in flesh and blood (read metal and leather) and that too at one gathering. Amazing!

A Morbidelli V8 and an Indian (don’t know which model)

Lots of Broughs and lots of Crockers


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