Visual Gratification - LoTM show pictures Bonanza!

For motorcycling freaks, especially those who are more into classic and vintage bikes, there is no greater event than the newly launched Legend of The Motorcycle show. Just 4 years old and probably no show of vintage and classic motorcycles on earth can match up to this. The first show was held on May 6, 2006 at Half Moon Bay, CA. You would find hordes of obsessed bikers and photographers and then some biker photographers clicking away to glory. One such individual is Mr. Craig Howell and I am sure you have seen a lot of pictures taken by him in some forum or blog or even his website. My post on Curtiss got me to know Pete and his blog and when I made a post on Pete's blog yesterday, I received a mail from Mr. Craig Howell where he had mentioned that I could use photos from his website and when I was just done thanking, the gentleman that he is sent me another link. And... I must tell you, what a collection this man has. I have posted links to all of his 3 mentioned sites including 1 from Flickr and rest assured, you need some quality time to enjoy the websites. Here are his mails and of course below are the photos from his collection. You are amazing Mr. Howell, not only you have a huge collection of photos, but the photos are of high quality and well taken. And did I mention something about you I am envious about? For the record, this event was organized for three years in 2006, 2007 and 2008. The 2009 show was postponed as there was a change in the venue and was scheduled for 2010 May, but it didn't happen.
There are 316 pictures from the 2006 show and 247 pictures from the 2007 show with not only bike pictures but also famous personalities and of the venue. There are just too many pictures on his Flickr account and so I am not even going to count. Of course I couldn't have posted all his pictures here, so in case you want to see all of them, which I suspect you do, you have the links below. For any queries, you can contact Mr. Craig Howell.
2006 LoTM show / 2007 LoTM show / Craig's Flickr account
Hi,I'm good friends with both Pete Young and Red Fred, and I enjoyed your blog entry about the Legend shows and the Pope, and wanted to mention that I have a large photo set online for both the 2006 and 2007 shows that you're welcome to use or link to.
Legend of the Motorcycle 2006
Legend of the Motorcycle 2007
Thanks Paul! Feel free to use anything of mine that you'd like, I just shoot for fun, for exactly this sort of use. I am happy to have people enjoy them. There's also a large group of sets on my flickr page as well:
Enjoy the Show!!!
P.S - I am posting pictures of the rarest bikes or pictures of bikes which are not very common at the blog or forum arena, so you might find your favoirate Pope motorcycle or HD or MV Agusta or any of the British brands missing in this post, but it is there in the website. Also you won't see a lot of legends like Vincent or Rudge or AJS since you have already seen them, but you will get to see a Parila and a Bernard Li created Vincent and a J.A. Prestwitch (JAP) and a Sears among others. Anyway, any bike, you name it and Mr. Craig Howell has it clicked!
The beautiful venue at Ritz, Half Moon Bay

The 2006 Show Stoppers

The 2007 Show Stoppers


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