The CONFEDERATE HELLCAT - One Hell Of A Naked Bike

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Confederate as a company - is known for making TOUGH Bikes, tough as nails, indestructible hand built bikes (Custom made may not be the actual work because they have more or less a fixed design for a project with minimal changes mainly in the engine output. Price range starts from $60K. The important thing is unlike any other manufacturers except our own hallowed Royal Enfield, The ´F´ architecture of the Hellcat is very simple, yet incredibly rigid and light. It is the only backbone downtube, cradle based chassis to utilize the powerplant as a stressed member. It is also the last architecture for a crafted series built machine designed entirely by analogue methodology.

The F113 Radial-Twin inspired by the golden age of motoring, Confederate's new proprietary power plant is finished in shiny gloss black paint. Huge round cylinders housing 4.750 pistons , billet-machined timing chest, oil pump, and covers, and polished aluminum rocker boxes all come together to in the most beautiful and finest hand-crafted Radial-Twin ever. For nearly 14 years Confederate have been uncompromising in their pursuit of the ultimate symbiosis of client and his Confederate Motorcycle. Confederate's patented proprietary chassis and powertrain mounting system is entirely unique from that of Harley Davidson and the platform of slightly modified Harley Davidson platform clones, it is logical to conclude that Harley Davidson derivative engines may not integrate in the most perfect manner possible with these machines . Confederate set out to create the highest level of engine, chassis integration possible, without regard to cost. Their decision was to buy in engines for the Confederate chassis from the top companies who had already perfected their powerplant designs. Each engine they have used had unique and interesting attributes. Each Confederate machine manufactured with these engines is fast as hell, tough as nails, and possess its own special character and personality. Nevertheless, Confederate have always felt that the engines were not in harmony with their machines. Beginning in 2002, Confederate began the planning and development of their proprietary Radial-twin. Confederate brought the same deeply considered, purist, function-driven application of uncompromised energy to the project that they bring to everything they do. It is with great pride that they launched the result of these efforts. Confederate have the smoothest, fastest revving, hardest accelerating, best sounding, most user friendly, most durable and most integral powerplant ever to grace the cradle of a Confederate chassis.

Chassis -The chassis begins as a special high tensil steel tubing. The single backbone is 3 inch outer diameter with a .120 wall thickness. The single downtube is a 2 inch O.D. with a .120 wall thickness. The dual cradle is 1.25 inch O.D. with a .120 wall thickness and is braced by a 1 inch-by-2 inch section of .120 wall rectangle. The neck brace is 2 inch O.D. with a .120 wall thickness. The bend strut electrical tube is 1.25 inch O.D. with a .120 wall thickness. Both the steering neck and the swingarm pivot are fully CNC machined from 2 inch stock. Each tube and accessory to the chassis is manually machined to perfection. The component machined pieces are jigged into Confederat's 6th generation tooling fixture where each part is heliarced by one of two certified Confederate motorcycle welders. The result is the strongest stiffest most fatigue resistant motorcycle frame ever made. Each frame is a true work of art. Total time to create: 60 hours. (Thanks to their tooling fixture)
The swingarm begins as 2 inch O.D. . 156 wall legs, each radiused identically to the bend in the backbone of the main frame. The swingarm brace and exhaust collector are a 3 inch O.D. with a.120 wall. The mounting points are CNC machined. Each weld fitment is machined to perfection manually in the mill. Confederate's special Inconel proprietary coupling links the swingarm to their free-flow equal length tuned header system. This swingarm is entirely handcrafted to a perfect tolerance and is absolutely unyeilding. The main frame is also the oil reservoir and the main frame bend gusset is the electrical conduit tunnel. The swingarm is the muffler. The entire chassis design is patented by # 005857538A. Total time to create system: 45 hours

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Engine and transmission
Engine type & Displacement: V2, 4 Stroke, 2146.84 ccm (131.00 cubic inches)
Power & Torque: 130 to 145 HP, 145 - 196 Nm (customer demand)
Bore x stroke: 111.1 x 111.1 mm (4.4 x 4.4 inches)
Gearbox & Transmission type final drive: 5-speed, Chain
Max speed: 135+ mph (210+ kmph)
Weight: 227 kg, (500 lb)
Seat height: 711 mm
Chassis and dimensions
Front/ Rear suspension: Inverted front forks with radial mounts/ Confederate design with integrated exhaust system
Front/ Rear tyre dimensions: 130/60-VR18 //240/40-VR18
Front/ Rear brakes: Double disc, 300 mm (11.8 inches), Single disc Rear brakes diameter: 280 mm (11.0 inches)
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