VELOCETTE, CAFE9 and other ACME Thrillers

Steffano Motors and Acme Rocket Bike Design are a Californian custom builders, known to create unique motorcycles which are hand built, expensive and simply Stunning to look at.
Robert Steffano, leader, ACME’s design team says We are serious about this ’living big‘ thing. We are serious about living well and enjoying every day. We are serious about rocking the world with pure motorcycling passion. If you don’t like attention, then do not buy a CafĂ©9.”
Below are some of the stunners from their creative team
(Donor - 1955 Velocette Venom 500 Special & Ducati 999 respectively)

For specifications, visit the website VELOCETTE & CAFE9

The ACME969 & The ACME R1 Cafe Roadstar
(Donor - 1997 Ducati 916 & 2003 Yamaha R1 respectively)

For specifications, visit the website ACME969 & ACME R1
Some more Stunning Images of the $75,000 CAFE9. The handbuilt Cafe9 has been available since May 1st, 2007 in various trim and performance levels. Upgrades are also available.

Some Features of the 135-150 Bhp (as wanted by the customer) Acme Ducati 999-
Aerospace quality carbon fiber bodywork---Brembo Brakes and a full Ohlins suspension--- Exotic and practical sting ray hide luxury saddle---Optional integrated police radar detection system---Innovative integral silencer tail-section featuring dual side exhaust ports---20-spoke forged alloy wheels---Fully adjustable control levers, footrests and handlebars---An exhaust system which features a Native Exhaust Resonator (NER) which integrates themuffler, baffles and resonator into the tail section.

Visit thier official website for mor info, photos and reviews STEFFANO MOTORS


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