Custom Cafe Racer - KAWASAKI KZ 750E

18 months of dedicated and patient hard work will give you results like this. This was an original 1981 Kawasaki KZ 750E model which has been beautifully crafted out to look this stunning. Well the owner, Mr. Frederick Desannaux was helped by his brother, Mr. Cyril (I had earlier written Cyric and Fred had me corrected. Sorry for the mistake Fred.) who owns the Fax Moto company which specializes in Cafe racer modification. Once you are on the second index page, click on the 'Un Cafe Racer' link or click here to see this beautiful model.

The whole machine was disassembled, the engine was redone with only original Kawasaki spares. Details of some of the modifications are given below.
There were some serious replacing and modification done to this beauty. Starting off with replacing the rear master cylinder by a Brembo Replacement of the master cylinder from a model of Honda 750 Bol , replacement of the front , replacing the brake pads, fabrication of bearings to name a few.
The camshaft, nozzles, primary channels and distribution was worked upon with new spares. The saddle and bearing were made inhouse by Fax Moto . The complete electrical wiring was redone. Cosmetically, besides the asadle, the tank was taken from Kawasaki GPz 750. Also the air filters were replaced by K & N filters. For more details and the source of the information, visit Mr. Frederick's blog (Mono Cafe Racer)
The Original KZ 750E and The Remastered


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