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LAZARETH... Well, this is one Custom Bike builder atleast I am in awe of. To start off, not much advertising, which means that have a select customer base and ofcourse it has to, what with the astronomical prices of their products. But then, they are not just any custon builders. If there is a little sniff of things to come, let me tell you they are from France. So, you get it, dont you, the Style quotient will be altogether in a different level. Just by the looks of their products, you know that they are different and not just 'different style of custom bikers, but really different, lets say radically different! And you know what I mean, just look at these bikes. If it was not for the stripes in the V-Twin engine, could you have noticed that there is a V-Max here and even if I tell you there is a Yamaha Wildstar here, you have to search for it, they make it look so different. Its just the engine that is there, but then even that is supercharged, from the chassis to the body to the entire suspension and all, they customize it in their own unique way.
My favoirate here is this DUCATI 1000 MILES based on the Ducati 1000SS model. It features customized stainless steel silencers and i can only imagine the kind of right noise it's gonna make. Alos you will get an aluminum tank along with aluminum foot rests, the tank retains the Ducati look, what is it about this bike is probably (at least to me), it looks simpler than the others. The other bikes are so radical and I mean it in a good way that its difficult to see the donor bike in it if you know what i mean, where as this bike can be recognized as a super customized Duc. It is really beautiful with those twin exhausts shooting straight in your face. Small seat, exposed engine, it has the Street Fighter look, but not menacing. With those clip on handle bars, huge discs in front, that big rear wheel, everything gels very well. But then again, it's sold, so I cant have it. Heh! Heh!

This is the VMAX Monobras with hub centered steering. Looks more like a robot about to change its shape, doesn't it? Then there is the WILDSTAR and the donor here is the monster 1600cc engine with those rear suspension from a Suzuki GSX 1000R, brakes from a Yamaha FZR1000 and the front wheel from a Yamaha XJR1300. Why? You gotta be kidding me if you think I would know that answer. Probably they just felt like it. Oh yes, to simplyfy things, they also incorporated Triumph Speed Triple inverted forks.
Lazareth has really demonstrated an expertise out of the ordinary. Look at the V-Max, who would have thought to incorporate a Bimota inspired front wheel suspension on a V Max? There choice of donors are more towrads the high torque bikes, V-Max, B-King, MT-01, Buell XB12S. Overall, you will notice that they focus more on the Street Fighter appeal and touch, a raw in your face look. Some says and rightfully so, it has a a future post-apocalyptic look to them. One of their bikes were also featured in a recent Hollywood release, the Vin Diesel starrer Babylon A.D.

This is a MT01 2005 model. It has a complete specific polyster dress, now whatever that means. yes, I know I wrote it, but you see, the website is a translated version of French, so its little difficult geting your way in. Okay, it has a stainless steel silencer with an aluminum tank as well as aluminum housing, foot rests, tees fork. Now, this is intresting. the second bike in red is the DOKUJYA, based on the Honda 1000 VTR. How on earth can you even recognize it? The rear is home made, the forks are home made, the entire chassis is home made, thetank, the front forks, everything is custom made and tell you what, the engine is supercharged using a supercharger from the Mini Cooper S hot hatch.

Lazareth also does scooters, quads and cars and of course, each engine is more or less super charged. They have customized a R1 and there is a FZR Turbo, I dont even wanna know what Turbo means here! By the way, they make snow trackers too. And of course, custom design your house if you need that. their motto is, if you can dream it, they will materialize it! Unluckily, most of the models are already sold. See, what did I tell you, they are not into much advertising as they have a select group of customers and right now, most of these maniacs have found a home in Hollywood and the likes. For the few bikes remaining like the Honda V800 with the V4 engine, prices start at above $40,000while the FZR with a supercharged with a Mini Coopr will cost you more than $53000. And if you are eying on the V Max, well that can be yours for $80,000.
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