In The News - Broad Track Racer ENFIELD 500 EFI

Bollywood actor, John Abraham, also famous for his passion for SBKs has increased his brood by adding a new entry which is albeit different to the taste he is known for. Although John's passion (at least as projected by the media) is more towards SBKs (he owns a Busa and a R1), this time he got himself a early 1900 broad track racer, or at least something close. The bike you see here is actually a customized Royal Enfield 5oo EFI, designed by a relatively new custom firm from Jaipur, Rajasthan, known as Rajputana Customs. The bike had the work fabrication of Mr. Vijay Singh
Mr Vijay mentions that the chassis, gas tank, rims and brakes had been hand-made. I beleive he meant part of the chassis since the front retains the doyble barrel frame but although the front forks are completely hand made in retro fashion. Looking at the finer details, you notice Vijay has also removed the standard disc brakes to give the bike a more authentic feel. He himself states that he wanted to keep it subtle, simple and yet make it stand out. And stand out it does as the bike has already make headlines in many newspapers. The total cost of the bike is somewhere between Rs 3-4 lakh ($6500 - $8500 USD) including the bike's cost which actually in India is quite cheap ($3100) compared to the overseas market. So the modifications which look very simple would cost more and that is because to make the bike look that good and simple and still keep it standing out, well... that is a lot of talent. The whole bike took 50 days to make and finish. By profession, Vijay Singh is a 24-year-old communication graduate from Canada. Relatively new to custom designing world, he already has been requested with several orders. Inside the garage, he is just helped by Abdul Rehman. The website, Rajputana Customs is coming soon.
Photo credits Hindustan Times and Mid day.


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