BRATtish STYLE Customization

SR 400 & SR532
You think you know what 'Cool' is. Well, add another word to the lexicon of 'Cool'. Its called BRATSTYLE. Well we have seen what Japanese Customization can do in earlier posts here and here. Brilliant stunning designs. So here is one more Japanese designer who redefines the word cool with his creative designs.
Well there is not much information on the website, at least that I can derive as I dont understand Japanese and the Google language tool was not much of a help. Anyway going by the website, you will notice that the base versions of most of the custom bikes are the Yamaha SR series.

HD & Triumph

I do not understand what is the connection between the Yamaha SR series and the customization these guys are doing with it. I mean I had made another post where again the base version of the customized bikes were majorly the Yamaha SR. Anyway, I may not understand it, but I sure do like the designs, well, who wont?
W 650
The fit and finish of the BRATSTYLE series has its own unique appeal. Looks very rugged, but the finish is A grade. Just look at the tanks. The attention to detail is mindblowing. BRATSTYLE, ofcourse has a inhouse degining for thier tanks, handle bars, exhausts, fenders, custom seats, etc which they also outsource. Click here to see the various items.

Hot Rod & HD Racer
But its not just the Yamaha SR series they work upon. They do a lot of work on the Kawasaki W650. Check this link to see their customized bikes. Its not just cafe racers that these guys are customizing, they also customize choppers.
CB 750
Among other bikes which they have customized includes the Harley and Triumph. Go to the accessories page and take a look at the single seats. The handcrafted leather finishes are comparable and that too easily with the major custom guys like OCC and others. The paint is so brillaint as evident from the close tank looks that it looks photoshopped. A special mention needs to be said about the brilliantly crafted tanks. The colour combination is imaginative and very very tasteful.
From the selection of colours to the matt effect to the flowing lines or the flames, its simply beautiful. Overall the bike gives a raw, grungy war-paint look, but very appealing, but when you notice the brilliance of the work, you get even more impressed. All the bikes seem to follow a similar pattern in terms of tyre size, the design of the seat and the exhaust (although I saw both chrome and all black exhausts) and why not? The finished product is just so brilliant that why mess with any other combinations.
Dont know anything about the performance, I mean if they work on the engine and all, but it seems they are inclined only for cosmetic customization. Visit the website BRATSTYLE for lots of photos and info which I could not understand. if any one could help me out, maybe we will all get a more insight into their beautiful designs.

SR Road Bike & Chopper


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