"For the past 14 years we have built up an enviable reputation both here and overseas for the quality of our work and the service we have to offer. We consider our restored machines to be ‘simply the best’ and a sound financial investment. "
These are the first words youwill come across when you visit the JMR website. Every bit of those word in those 2 sentences are true. Mr. John Mossey, bike restorer par excellence. Situated at Hartforshire, England, his team painstakingly restores past glories into band new passions.
Their website stats that they restore all kinds of bikes, Vincent, Norton, BSA, Triumph and also Japanese bikes like Honda and Suzuki, but a short stay in their website will tell you where their primary passion is. And of course, when you has the name Vincent on your portfolio, everything else just fades into the background.
They have Vincent restored bikes, Vincent engines and Norwin restored bikes. For the uninformed, Norwin is the amalgamation of Norton & Vincent where the chasis is of Norton while the engine is definitely Vincent.
Its not only Vincents and Nortons that they restore, they also have rare Imperial Model 8, the even rarer Royal Enfield 150 Prince and a 1982 Hesqeth to name a few, in thier list of restored bikes.
"Our skills and wide network of contacts enables us to locate and restore almost any make of classic machine to concours condition. Our motorcycles are considered ‘better than new’ whilst still retaining their original specification and authenticity. If you’re working on a restoration project we are here to help you. We can part restore, prepare paintwork and chroming, and can supply parts for most makes of machine – just call for details." stats Mr. Mossey in the official website and he can lay claim to each word, especially where he mentions that the company retains the original to every bit.
The Vincents, which include some of the famed Egli series can be done with the JMR touch according to the buyers specification.
Not just bikes, there is also a host of other biker items for sale, like Jackets, very beautiful Helmets and they also claim to restore or procure any part of whichever bike you want. So guys, if you have a Norton Le Manx and having problem to restore it, now you just know the right man. The name is Mossey, John Mossey...

The engine specifications for the Vincents come at two sizes of engine, 1000 cc with a 84 x 84 bore & stroke and another with a 1200 cc with a 84 x 90 bore & stroke. The chasis, of course, if you want a Norvin will have a Norton chasis or you can get the original Vincent chasis.
Visit their website JOHN MOSSEY RESTORATIONS for more info and lots of photos to drool. As mentioned, if price is a barrier for getting that dream Vincent of yours, you can start by opting for the helmets and jackets.
Engine Specification
1000cc, 4 Stroke, 2 Cylinder
Bore & Stoke - 84 x 84 (84 x 90)
Max BHP-66 at 6200 RPM (78 at 6200 for the 1200 cc)
5 Speed Gearbox
Electronic or Magneto Ignition with Alton Alternator and Electric Start
JMR Race Clutch
Black/Polished Engine
Compression 7.5.1 or 8-1
Carburetor Size - 32mm Amal, Mikuni or Dollorta
Chassis Specification
Smith Kanrin Brakes or Menani Brakes
Egli Style Frame or JMR Wide-Line Norton Frame
Dual Shock or Mono Shock
Falcon Rear Shocks
Ceriani Forks & Yoke
18" Wheels
18" Flanged Alloy Rims
Tyre size:Front - 360 H18 / Rear - 410 H18
Weight - 181kg
JMR Alloy Fuel Tank & Oil Tank
Stainless or Fibreglass Mudguards
5" Speedometer
3" Rev Counter


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