The Fat Club & The Z900 BOC Racer

This came in my mailbag from one Mr. Sebestain of France:
Maybe you could be interested by this vintage racer for your blog !
Just let me know & I will send you more pics & details if you want.
Best regards from France,

There were this photo of a beautifully crafted Z900 along with some racing pics. I was stunned by the beauty and moreover here was a guy who was doing me a favour and he wants to know whether I am interested! Okay, I didn't beg, but I requested him to send some more photos and information along with it. Not only did the gentleman obliged to my request, he also sent links which had loads of photos and information about their club.
I was all set to make this post dedicated to the Z900, but then how could I not cover the member's bikes? But then this blog is far too small to cover everything the wonderful forum has. So I decided to post the topic as is in the mail. Below is the mail I recieved from Mr. Sebastian.
The FATclub is dedicated to special and rock’n roll motorcycle (not only cafĂ© racers but also trackers, scramblers, bobbers & even dragsters …so you can say it’s quite open minded). Here is the website if you want to have a look: & here are the bikes of FATmembers
Regarding the FATracer, here is the story:
We started rebuilding the bike in October 2007 during nights & week ends to be ready for the Bol d’Or Classic endurance race which was in april 2008 (4 hours / 2 riders) … tough work you can imagine. The complete rebuilding story step by step is there:
We had a big problem & a very sad event just one month before the race as our friend Thomas was killed in a motorcycle accident with his Triumph. He was the rider and co-owner of the FATracer but especially a great sport rider & a great friend … we decided to continue “in the loving memory of Thomas “butch”” … & another FATmember (Greg) accepted to ride the bike instead of Thomas. All the FATmembers worked even harder in the last weeks before the race & the bike was achieved just some hours before the first ride sessions on the race track …
Some tech tips of the FATracer:
> original Z900 A4 1976 frame reinforced & braced by Thomas & SonicSeb
> Godier Genoud aluminium swing arm
> tuned & reinforced front fork
> black anodized 18” spoke wheels from Seurat Puissance 3 / front: 2,15x18 – rear: 3,5x18
> tires: Avon racing
> front brake: 2 Brembo 2 pots PO8 calipers / 280 mm brake rotors
> rear brake : 1 Brembo 2 pots calliper / 250 mm brake rotor with custom carrier
> rearsets: Tarozzi modified
> displacement: 1105cc
> big bore forged pistons from Wiseco
> GPZ 1100 camshaft
> slightly tuned cylinderhead
> Keihin CR33 carburetors
> electronic ignition from Piranha
> Barnett clutch disks
> hydraulic clutch receiver
> manual cam chain tensioner
> Goodridge oil cooler
> special painting of engine covers by Full Metal Coating
> tank: original Z900 petrol tank
> seat: soloseat from Daytona Japan
> R90S cockpit fairing
> front light: Hyosung black painted
> rear light: HD turnsignals modified with LED
> racing bugspoiler from Godier Genoud
> paint: Thomas & SonicSeb
Just have a look on the FATclub site & forum … and feel free to ask if you need further informations or pics if you need.
Regarding the race we fullfill our target which was to finish in the memory of our lost friend and if possible not last … we finished 40th on 65 because of some small technical issues but the bike & the rider were fast enough to achieve a place in the first half …. We’ll see next year !
You can have a look on pictures of the race here: & the story of the race (sorry in French) is here:
Best regards from Paris,
Sebastien aka SonicSeb
The intricate details of modifying the Z900 is available in this link. View the gallery of the Z900 here.
P.S - Mr. Sebastian has reminded me that all the photos below are not from the the club as some have been collected during meets. I stand corrected and sorry for the misinformation.
I am telling you, visit the website and the forum. There is too much information to contain in a blog. And dont forget the wallpapers. And Yes! The gallery on Cafe Racers! and some Album Photos. In fact I made a logo for the blog. Sorry, Sebestian, didn't take your permission. Hope you dont mind.
All the pics aretaken from the forum of members gallery, Yes! The AJS, The Vincent, The Triton, it seems they have everything! Even Royal Enfield and the ultra rare Triumph prototype X90
And Yes! All the Best for the Race Next Tear!


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