The Hogbitz HD Cafe Racer

It is indeed rare to see a customized HD Cafe Racer. HD are usually customized to choppers by the professionals and those few Cafe Racers you see are not just... you know Cafe Racers. Maybe its the bone structure (read Frame) or the body expression (read Cruiser styling), some how HDs have not made great customized cafe Racers. But then we haven't really seen enough, have we? Or atleast Brian Udall will make sure we change our views on that. Brian has been riding bikes since he was sixteen and his fetish is HD. He would strip them, make them drag, rebuild them to Cafe Racers and just about anything you can possibly imagine that can be done to a HD and some more probably. The website Hogbitz says he has run an 11.00 second standing quarter mile on his street class Sportster.
One thing about the company that will surprise you is their location. HD... Customs... Hogbitz... all of these gives an impression that they would be somewhere in California or maybe other parts of the U.S or at best in Canada. Surprise! Surprise! They are based in Chigwell Essex, England!
Anyway, Hogbitz faviorate donor bike is the HD Sportster. And why the Sportster? Because Brian wants to make Custom Bikes that wont burn a hole in your pocket, so (of course) beside that the Sportster is a lot cheaper than the more famous HDs and also the size is more upfront for a Cafe Racer mification look. Brian models his customized HDs basically on the lines of Triton.
So what goes essentially behind the modifications? The stock frame and forks are retained, to keep the cost down and so the main changes are done to the bodywork. What initially is noticable starting with the distinctive tank, which is a hand beaten alloy unit you notice the rear fender, which is a typical Cafe Racer fender and of course the single seat. Yes, the clipons, twin pods, these are essential modifications if you want the retro look. The stock front fender is kept but cut down moe from the back side. I wonder if there might be a problem in watery roads with water going to the plugs cause I ride a Cafe Racer and I do face that problem. The standard fork legs and the calipers are also retained. The clip ons and the rearsets are Hogbitz specials. The stock hubs are rebuilt into 18 inch alloy rims for that yesterday look.
As for the engine modifications, they are dependent on the customer requisite, where one can demand that his 883 cc engine be converted to a 1200 cc fitted with ported and polished Buell Lightning heads for that extra peppy performance along with a forced induction air cleaner and desired exhausts.
With a Sporster frame, narrow tank, rearsets and all, the bike puts the rider into a stretched out forward leaning riding position typically Cafe racer styling which will be obviously a little hard on your arm blades and wrists. Usually with the Buell heads, there is enough torque in these motorcycles and will accelerate just as a uell does. and maybe more for the add ons. Brakes, clutches and dampeners are original which means you can expect excellent stopping and will guide you with relative ease over potholes. There is a change in the head angle which will make it more leniant than that expected out of a Cafe Racer and so handling and turning can be expected to be easier.
Okay so what does his company do or can do to your HD? Well, you can start off by Tuning and Servicing at their service department as per your requirements or maybe you just want some Polishing and Painting or maybe you just want to buy a new HD. And yes, they are not just restricted to Hogs, they will do your Buell as well. Well, they specialize in Drag Racing, if thats what you like. You can also gets your parts and accessories online.
The starting price of the Hogbitz Cafe Racer is an affordable £7,500 ($13,800), which means at almost the price of a regualr bike, you get a customized Cafe Racer with the traditional looks and a modern engine.
By the way, Brian Udall is not just a biker. It would be advisable to stay clear of his way as he is a Certified 3rd Dan Instructor of the World Taiji Boxing Association. Brian is also a Life Member of the Hong Kong Martial Arts Association Ltd. I dont know how can a person be so talented in more than one field. If you would like to see his other workd (read Martial Arts profile), visit his website Internal Martial Arts. His Cafe Racer site is Hogbitz.


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