Random Videos

Posting some random videos that have been in my hard drive for some time. The first one is celebrating the beauty of MV Augusta Brutale. Yes, I reallt think it needs to be celebrated. How often do you come across such a beauty with that barritone, those mufflers, the stance, the posture, the leap, the finish...aah!!! Its pure bliss, dont you agree?

Well, this is a must-see video. Its not actually a motorcycle, nor is it a trike, its actually less than a motorcycle... I mean in terms of the number of wheels, it has... Only ONE! They are called UNIBIKES. No its not like the Embrio One-Wheel Concept, where you sit ON the bike, here you sit INSIDE the wheel. And no, they are not one here and one there. By God! there is a whole bunch of Unibikes out there. Click here to see some of these UNIque BIKES. I was wondering if it will be safe to ride these, you know, just a wheel. And if you are thinking what I am thinking, wait till 3 minutes of the video...

Evel Knievel. Just the name raises eyebrows and necks. Well, the following video is a promo from one of his movies, VIVA KNIEVAL! This was the only 'movie' the daredevil starred in. Of course he did a lot of documentaries and all, but this was a 'movie'. Check out his link in IMDB.

The last video, although a company's product promotional video, nonetheless shows how to keep your bike squeaky clean and I mean it really shows 'how'. Just watch the man rub lotion on the bike and you will understand what I mean. Enjoy!


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