Believe Me! This Norton is for Sale!

Although not for long. The sale is on ebay and bidding ends on Jan 17th. Surprisingly there are 0 bids, how can anyone miss this? Well, probably the price is a bit steep, but this is a 1961 NORTON Dominator 600 Super Sport. You really do get to see some nice bikes on ebay, bid or not!
This NORTON modified into the Cafe Racer mode is currently housed in Canada and ready to be shipped anywhere in the world for a sum of above USD 6500. The bike looks excellentbut the clever part is that when you look into detailing, you will find that nothing much has been done to the original really, modified seat, shorter mudguards and excellent high quality paint job, thats it and it looks fantastic.
Well beside the Dominator, this gentleman has also some other products up his sleeve, all for sale. There is a 1966 NORTON Atlas 750 purely original except for the handlebars and a 1968 BSA Spitfire Mark IV which has been restored to its original condition. And hey! there is also a 1925 Rayleigh. Happy Bidding!


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