Moguls of Motorcycles

By 'Moguls of Motorcycles', I mean high end bikes. By high end, let me tell you, I dont mean the customized bikes (read 'only-one-of-a-kind' bike)and not the Dodge Tomahawk at least (geez! it has four tyres!), by high end I am narrowing to production bikes, maybe limited edition, but one which you can get off the shelf, you know just book and buy. So which are the Top 5 'Moghuls of Motorcycles' today? (Now we are talking above $50,000 here, okay!)
At # 5 is the Ducati Desmosedici RR. Well you all know about it, so its not worth discussing it over here. This Race Replica is worth $72,500. If you really want to know more on this limited edition, just go to Ducati Desmosedici RR

At # 4 is the Confederate Wraith. Limited to 250 only, this handbuilt Confederate B120 Wraith has a carbon fiber chassis and the limited edition bike will cost you a whopping $80,000. Yes it can beat a Busa and all that and if you are really thinking of buying this bike, you better get her to know at this link Confederate WRAITH

Up one place at #3 is the sibling of the Wraith, its the new Confederate FIGHTER . This cutting edge bike is even rarer at only 45 and according to the website, there are only 27 left. So better hurry if you have won a jackpot somewhere. Man, you will surely get noticed anywhere you go. Oh yes, this will cut your pockets by $110,000. Here is the official link Confederate FIGHTER

At #2, it the MV Agusta F4CC which Mr. Tumburine himself designed and that too hand built! This diamond will be limited to only 100 (and 1 of them was already bought by one Mr. Bruce Wayne in The dark Knight!). Sssh! It has titanium in its chassis. The price, well they happily hand you one for $120,000. Just take a look at the MV Agusta F4CC

And so at #1, is the bike which actually is not 'a bike' in the proper manner, after all it is powered by a Rolls-Royce Model 250 turboshaft engine and it runs on diesel or kerosene, but the Guinness World Records officially states the MTT Y2k as the "Most powerful production motorcycle" and the "Most expensive production motorcycle." So... anyway, this jet engined motorcycle will cost you upwards of S175,000. Why upwards, because after the first MTT Y2K was found to have a lack of power at 320hp, its brother came out last year with 400 hp named the Streetfighter. Dont believe me, okay here is their website Marine Turbine Motorcycles.

Ok, happy shopping and which ever you buy, wear a helmet, ride safe (Philosophical, eh!), I dont know about wearing the helmet bit, but with that kind of an investment, even Jay Leno and Tom Cruise must be riding them very safely, whatsay? One more thing, Confederate had 2 bikes here, had it been a Top 6, its other sibling, the Confederate Hellcat would have made it.


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