The Warbird - A Real Piece of Art

This, my dear friend, is what we call is 'the big deal'! So lets get introduced to Mr. Ian Douglas, the creator of this beauty. Okay, let me get to the basics first, this piece of art is based on cylinders and heads from a radial engine and the accessories that has gone to the engine are from a full size aircraft engine. Its a 2 cylinder engine as you can see and yes its huge with 3129cc and bore x stroke of 5.125″ x 4.625″. So if you are thinking which goddam crancase can house these mammoth, well Mr. Ian designed the crankcase himself. Surprisingly, everything was build or mated or fused by the man in-house, like the frame which was designed as such that it will hose the moster but a rider can still get both his legs on the ground. He designed and made the casting patterns and did all the required machining in house while the casting was done by OBCO foundries in Richmond B.C.
Try visualizing the bike as a whole, what I mean as i was watching it, I either keep appreciating the engine or the styling, but if you look at the total bike, it's even more impressive. Very artistically painted, it somehow emphasises the aeroplane look, maybe it's the tank or just the airport background, I dont know...
Well, unlike other concept bikes built with the same platform, you will be happy to know that the engine runs.
Ian Douglass, in his website writes "Warbird, my latest build, was born out of a combined love of vintage aircraft engines and similar period motorcycles. The engine is a scratch designed/ built power-plant that utilizes WWII radial aircraft cylinders and a one-off hand built crank case. The response to the bike has been truly amazing. I must have struck a nerve with people as we have been flooded with requests for more information."
So see the feedback from some of the enthusiasts and you can leave your own comments here. It has been 2 years in the making and I for one, would really like to hear it roar. All of the aircraft engine components were provided by Radial Engines Ltd. in Guthrie Oklahoma. The pin-up girl you see in the tank is a hand painted job of a "very talented local girl named Jennie Persak" and that too by brush. The overall painting was done one Mr. George Kanavaros, an experienced aviation painter.
In-house construction
- Frame, Cases, Rods, Pipes, Fuel tank, Oil tank, Handlebars, Risers, Sissy bar
Engine: Special construction Douglas 191 Cubic inch
Bore x Stroke - 5.125" x 4.625"
Rake: 32 degrees
Cylinders & Pistons - Continental Aero W670
Wheel - Front: 21 X 2.15 80 spoke, Rear: 21 X 3.25 80 spoke
Tires: Avon Venom
Brakes: Brembo differential bore
Saddle: Brooks
Outsourced parts
Flywheels: Highly modified S&S stroker racing
Carbs: Twin S&S Super E'
Transmission: Roadmax 5 speed
Clutch: HD
Forks: DNA Springer
Foot controls: Yamaha R6
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