Visual Gratification - VESPA - Now & Then

We have all driven a VESPA, and all have owned many of them. I remember my dad's first 2 wheeler was a Vespa, he owned probably 2 or 3 of them. I learned my 2 wheeler skills on a Vespa. Such a nice scooter and then most of us graduated into 'bigger' machines a.k.a bikes. Nostalgia got the better of me when I found my neighbour restoring a Vespa to such a pristine condition that right now I am in the look out for my very own adult life Vespa. Well, I haven't got the pictures of my neighbour's scooter, but I sat hunting for pics of restored and classic Vespas on the net cause I am definitely going to restore one pretty soon and I am eyeing the one below to get 'inspired'. All these images of classic Vespa are sourced from a single site, CLASSIC SCOOTERS U.K. they have all these and a lots of LAMBRETTAs too. Enjoy the nostalgia!

Of course, VESPA is very much alive and kicking all over the world. They are very very beautiful, has always been. Engine capacities range from 50cc to 278cc, the biggest is the Vespa GTS 300. Visit the VESPA world site and you will know it is available in every corner of the world. The images below are from VESPA USA. Didn't I say, they still look so amazingly beautiful, how they have changed with time and beneath those mild looking engines, you will get all the latest gizmos available from Liquid Cooled engine to Fuel Injected engines.


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