asphaltfighters STORMBRINGER - World's Fastest Road Bike!

You just can’t get enough now-a-days, can you? So, it is November 28th, and if you remember looking at the first photo, almost a month back, there was a news that Asphalt Fighters STORMBINGERS are going to launch the world's fastest bike on this day at the Essen Moto Expo and so here is it. What you see here is an or rather was an originally not so sedate Kawasaki ZX-10R which had an ass whooping power figure of 165 bhp. So now, it has been worked upon beyond modification and on the engine too which now produces a earth moving ground shattering nerve wrecking pants parting and what not ‘booster mode’ 280 bhp. What did I tell you, you just can’t get enough! This is a road legal bike with a 999cc engine from the stables of Asphaltfighters Stormbringer powered by WARM UP from Germany and even without the booster mode, it makes 220bhp! The booster mode gets activated once you cross the 180kmph mark. WARM UP is one of the leading custom bike builders from Germany. I know it is not fair to compare this custom bike with production bikes, but just to mention it that the world’s fastest bikes coming from the stables of Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati and the likes has a top end power of maximum 190bhp.
Looking at its performance figures, you wonder what more to wonder! 100 kmph is reached in only 2.9 seconds, 6.5 seconds to the 200 kmph and with assisted booster the 300 kmph mark comes in 13.9 seconds. Top speed is 320kmph.
Inside the heart, the cylinder heads are equipped with a new combustion chamber shape and flow efficiency, the intake and exhaust ports and valve seats. Forged aluminum pistons assist part of the high-concept as countless other detailed modifications goes inside the engine. Exhaust of course comes from the world renowned workshop of Akrapovic which has designed an innovative hexagonal shape silencer that is supposed to add more power. It has a 6 speed manual transmission. The shift and brake levers are mounted with double ball bearing which gives absolutely no play and not just that, the shift pattern can also be inverted!
The specially tuned machine has only a few things on its mind. Maximum performance, coupled with extreme handling and braking performance. The bike as a host of specialized companies working on it for example Bikerbox who specializes in the programmable electronics have fitted a full programmable traction control, launch control and a programmable speed limited so that the rider can set a race track or road speed limiter. For the credits, Bikerbox has done the entire works on the ZX-10R engine. Spiegler Brake Technology has more than 20 years experience in the development of high performance brake systems and they have provided their high technology in this bike with the revolutionary RIWI segment. In contrast to conventional brake discs, these discs have no continuous ring, but are composed of individual segments of high temperature resistant steel, which share a unique RIWI-segment floating system that is interconnected. Also, the braking forces do not act on the central part of the disc or the floaters, but directly to the individual RIWI segments. Lubrication is provided courtesy the fully synthetic Bel-Ray EXS 0 W - 40 engine oil. The high tech footrests and adjustable handlebars are courtesy Gilles Tooling while all the lights are from Kellermann. Paintwork is by Buetler. The forged wheels are from O.Z Motorbike, fairing is from Puigsuspensions from Emil Schwarz. The design of the bike is courtesy ROXXITY Ltd. Each of these workshops has decades of experience in their fields.
Lots of nitty gritties in the bike including some MotoGP features like a rearview camera that feeds what’s going on behind in to a small display on the tank. Additional welcome features along with the bike comes a matching Held suit and X-Lite carbon-Kevlar helmet is supplied to every buyer. The suspension, seating position and all controls will be adjusted accordingly to the rider weight and size.
There are some unheard of things on this motorcycle, for instance the front and rear Bridgestone tyres of dimensions 190/55 ZR 17 and 120/70 ZR 17 has different rubber compounds. In the center of the tread is a medium hard compound for delivering high mileage while the sides have a soft compound for firmer grip.
With all these ‘for the first time in a motorcycle gadgets’, the bike is still a lightweight at only 195 kilograms with a full tank it combines a spectacular aerodynamic design and of course it has a price but albeit what you thought, it is not astronomical but quite reasonable priced at 57,500 euros onwards.
Visit the Asphalt Fighters STORMBRINGER website to know how the bike was made and what is being used inside that monster bike.


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