Time Out - A 'Limo' VESPA GT

If you really want to go green, well there are definitely more ways than the ones mentioned or at least that is what a dealer of Vespa in South Africa would like us to believe. Going green can mean going electric and going green can also mean saving fossil fuel and what better way to save fossil fuel then by taking your family of four on a scooter.
This is a customized Vespa GT which is seen as an alternative to a car, but hold your horses, this is not in production and neither is it a prototype, but a South African-built, one-off special for display and marketing campaigns. None the less, this is a fully functional machine which is based on the latest version, Vespa GT and sees two frames welded and skillfully adapted to the new driving dynamics.
The idea behind this custom scooter is Vespa South Africa MD, Mr. Andy Reid. "'(With this scooter) You're ready for fame and fortune" says Mr. Reid. "Park it anywhere, and in minutes you'll have a queue of admirers. All you need is a red carpet, Gucci outfit and you're ready for fame and fortune."
Well, Mr. Reid probably didn't exactly think about 'maneuverability' while building this, but then you have to make sacrifices right, for such a desirable beauty.
But I Guess, Mr. Reid has not visited South East Asia or he would have been well aware of the tradition of family-in-a-scooter that has been prevalent since scooter came into existence. Mr. Reid, a few pictures for you are attached below.
... One more day and it's gonna be Twenty Ten. HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!


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