Motorimodo redesigns the Whitehouse CB750

Damn! Damn! Damn! I really don't know how to feel and all those three damns were for absolutely different reasons for the way I felt when I saw Whitehouse's latest creation of the eternal legend, Honda CB750. The first damn was because how on earth can they keep on doing such fantastic jobs, one after another, never ever failing to raise my salivary hormones with their mouth watering beauties! The second damn s just for being such a no good at anything. I see creations so beautiful that can probably bring peace in the Middle East and here I am, if only I could match up to even a single percent of their talent, I would have been so proud of myself. The third damn is because I am not born in Japan and so cannot understand a single damn word what is written on the website. Good'ol google was not of much help either. I guess there is not much to know except the design details which are obvious but still...

Anyway, really, their designs are so simple in a way that there is nothing out of the world extraordinary but everything is so beautifully fused, that you just get mesmerized. The bike here is a CB750 that Whitehouse has initally designed and now redesgned by Motorimoda. Japanese Custom designers usually focus more on bobbers, but Whitehouse specializes in Honda CB750, one of the favorite bike that goes under the knife for cafe racers to bobbers to what not. Motorimodo, by the way is a Japanese house that specializes in bike accessories. Actually, it is not that simple as it looks to create something this stunning. I guess we all know that or there would have been custom shops all around. I remember some years back reading somewhere that the girl was very impressed by the ‘casual’ look her date sported on their first date. The guy mentioned that it took him almost 3 hours to get the perfect ‘casual’ look.
What I mean is that for WH, what looks like a very simple neat and decent job is actually not that simple. To give that appearance, you have to make every bit of the bike gel with the other components perfectly or it will sport a ‘done-in-the-backyard’ look. From the hand made aluminum fuel tank which by the way is elongated to give a more sleeker look than the factory designed bulky look to the original Ekipai 4-2-1 stainless steel mufflers, everything is carefully planed out. That incredible looking front body casing is made of carbon fibre and has in hose painted graphics. The headlight casing is anodized black. Every bit of extra body waer is made of carbon fibre and so the result is actually a decrease in the total body weight of 15 kgs from 235kg to 220 kg. The twin tail lights complimemting the twin headlamps and lots of other things are all of course made in house. The grips on the handle bar has been designed by MOMO Design, sister concern of Motorimodo.
You can see all of White House high technology and design skills in the bike. The colour scheme is based on Motorimodo’s brand colour, brown. Both side of the bikes project different colour combinations at the seat and a different look to the tank as one side is without decals. Due credit goes to Mr. Shinichiro Arakawa, owner of ShinichiroArakawa designs who took the reins to give the bike a truly remarkable finish. Also the engine output of the bike has increased by a remarkable 20 bhp from the standard CB750 thanks to the redesigned mufflers and carburetor settings. The seat height has also been decreased from 795mm to 770mm to give the café racer feel which I feel with the change of riding position would also help in pepping up the speedometer due to decreased wind resistance. It has a single seat, a true café racer and the bike has got a all black finish including the alloys. This specially designed black café racer has been made for one Mr. Okabayasi. The cost of the bike is $28, 625 USD. It is not cheap, but looking at the finished product, this is really a bargain. You might remember the original Whitehouse CB750 that they have initially designed with a white colour layout scheme. Some of the pictures from the original creation is attached below. Check the above link to see their pther colour schemes.
Engine: HONDA CB750, RC17E, 747cc, 4 stroke air-cooled
Bore X Stroke: 62 mm x 62 mm
Compression ratio: 9.1:1
Power output: Estimated at 85bhp
L x W x H: 2155mm x 770mm x 1190mm
Wheelbase: 1495mm
Ground Clearance: 90mm
Seat height: 770mm (reduced from 795mm)
Weight: 220kg (reduced from 235 kg)
Check the links of Whitehouse, Motorimodo and there is a page with English language too for the international customers.


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