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The Ebay is a good 'time-pass' website, just having a look at the motorcycles, some bizarre, a lot of oohs and aahs, some real stunners and many 'Wow!' and still there will be the occasional 'What!'. The US and UK sites usually have the motorcycles with a hefty price tag. There are some other interesting places like Germany and Japan, but usually these two US (and Canada has the same listing) and UK has a lot to offer. Most of the high priced bikes are custom ones, you know the typical customs, long tank, single sided swingarm, elongated handlebars which after some time, all the models look just the same. I have featured here some original bikes and also custom bikes but custom as in the sense of real custom, not those hand painted choppers. Well, happy bidding in case if you are bidding for any of the bikes.
Well, well, well, we all have seen it and been in awe of it. Yes, this is the same Ferrari motorcycle, the one and only, which we probably all would like to own it even if it means killing someone! Since for us normal human beings, it is beyond our reach. Listed at the UK ebay site, there is no bidding period, so you do have the time to still rob some banks and accumulate the asking and final price of £249,991, that is $368,630.
MV Agusta honcho David Kay requested Enjo Ferrari's son, Piero to build a one-off motorcycle under the Ferrari badge. The bike will be built by David Kay in honour of the senior Ferrari and he wanted permission to use the Ferrari badge. Of course he was granted. this was in 1990. The bike was built finaly in 1995. It has a 900cc transverse, double overhead camshaft, four cylinder, eight valve unit with magnesium and alloy casings, driven through a five speed gearbox to a top speed of 265 kmph. I am sure that you have seen it a hundred times but if you still want more information, just google it, willya? Here is the ebay link
Yes, this is 'that' Norton that you have seen on the net quite often, the 850 MK3 Custom, the Norton Ala'Verda. This was built by Frenchman Daniel Delfour. And as the present custodian puts it and he is right 'This is the most photographed & publicized norton ever!'. I myself remember this bike feautured in many motorcycle magazine covers. This beautiful Norton made quite an impression at the 2008 Concours d" Elegance in Half Moon Bay, California. I guess this beauty will make an impression everywhere.
Located at Las Vegas with 100 miles on the run, the bike is for $75,000 "Buy it Now' price. Bidding ends on Jun 19. Here is the link.
A 2010 supercharged ROEHR 1250 for less than 40K USD seems quite reasonable. Of course this is a brand new bike and contrary to belief, that is the actual price of a Roehr. Why I posted it here is because this is a new bike and as such is available for $39,995 USD at the dealers and also at ebay. But this is listed as an introductory price. So...
You can of course check the bike in the original website Roehr Motorcycles. The company is located at Illinois and bidding ends June 22. Here is the link.
Now here is a 1934 BSA JM24 Goldstar. Why my eyes caught it? Because of the astronomical price quoted. This 1934 bike is priced at $290,000 as a 'But it Now' price. The reason behind the steep price as given by the owner is that "It is the first Gold Star engine ever produced in 1938. The bike has never been restored and the engine is still full of Castrol R racing oil from 1956."
Bidding is still June 20 and here is the link. I am of course not even a novice in the feild of auctions, but I think being a BSA Goldstar J series, the price seems steep, will be good to keep the item on watch.
Above is a 1933 Indian Four. Located at Netherlands, the item is eligible for world wide bidders. The 1933 bike has been restored by Ken Young. Actually the bike belongs to MB Motors, a firm in Netherlands which deals in antique Indian bikes especially and new ones too You can check the bike at their website too. Listed at € 42.500 at their website which is equivalent to US $51,391, the 'Buy it Now' price at ebay is $56,000. You can hear it in the You Tube video.
Bidding is up to July 2nd. Here is the link.
This is a 1914 Harley-Davidson 10E V-Twin listed on the US site.This bike is located at New Hampshire and is indeed a rare item. Driven from 1914 to 1922, the owner has posted images of the original owner from 1914. The current owner has the bike since 1996 and the related history is given at the link. This item is for world wide bidders.
Priced at $75,000, bidding ends on June 18. Click on this link.


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