Did you miss the 2010 WDW?

By any chance, did you happen to miss the 2010 edition of World Ducati Week? So on the 4 hallowed days that each year Ducati celebrates the World Ducati Week, what you get to see are the finest examples of a very traditional and high heritage marque. This year, on 10, 11, 12 and 13 June the Misano track had turned into a Red Planet to host the 2010 edition of World Ducati Week (WDW). Around 60,000 Duc and motorcycle fans turned out to honour the the Bolognese firm and you missed it... yes, maybe you were busy in attending some big time conference or some last minute deals or any other excuse you just might be trying to make up, but fret not, Ducati has captured the 4 days in 4 short videos. Watch the videos and then mark your calander for next year. You don't want to miss WDW 2011.

Photo source: DUCATI Flickr, some images courtesy: Macadem Desmo Flickr

I have a feeling you will also like the below unofficial videos which just might give you an extra boost to attend next years WDW.


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