The NORTON Cafe Customs

Although the legendary NORTON bikes are customized all over the world and almost everyone doing a wonderful job, thanks to the smashing original looks, there are some Custom houses which definitely stand out and for me, COLARODO NORTON WORKS is 'The' Custom builders for Nortons.
CNW (in short) focuses only on NORTON Commando. They completely disassemble each Commando bike and re-build it from the ground up to create a visually stunning piece of art as evidenced by the photos. They also outsource Norton spares and will rebuild your Norton to new.
In fact, such is the demand for CNW, that there is a waiting period of atleast 3 months to your Norton.

To quote Matt Rambow, the force behing CNW, "The Café started out as a thought as most customs do. The idea was to build something that would have the look of a classic Cafe' but with modern touches so the bike wouldn't feel dated. Building a custom just for the looks as so many are, is so much easier than making it work as well. # 038 (A Cafe Racer project) even though compromised a bit with regards to comfort was never intended as a show bike but rather a machine that would run, handle and stop as well as possible given the limitations of the design."
Its evident that whether its a Cafe Racer or a Road Bike, CWN wont compromise the legendary performance of the NORTON Commando.

They will give you a modern day machine with all the Classic nostalgia, for instance the front 4 leading shoe brake instead of disc brakes, and the frame geometry was left untouched and as such, the CNW NORTON handles exceptionally well. Performance modifications include works on the Head combined with an aggressive Cam and big bore Exhaust, the use of dual Keihn 'pumper' flat slide carbs with velocity stacks.
Of course, it come with a price too, but thats expected looking at the high level of finishing and detailed perfection. A complete standard custom rebuild for a CNW Commando is $21,500 at the base version which will shoot north with your specified demands. The #038 will cost you more, but for the price, look at the rebuild standard engine, what you get is...
New stock fenders as required or "Modified" CNW models get new steel front fender requiring no stays and stock rear fender
  • For Roadster tank models, Corbin "Gunfighter" saddle is standard
  • A new, exhaust system in the classic "pea shooter" style
  • Different handle bars to choose from
  • All instruments are rebuilt as standard with high quality polished instrument holders
  • A CNW developed chain guard, robust, stylish and chromed
  • A CNW developed oil filter adapter is installed to allow use of common brands of oil filters
  • In various areas, CNW applies chrome where it needs to shine, stainless steel where it needs to live a tough life, and fresh zinc plated fasteners (grade 8) where it strength is a factor
  • Every part of the engine is rebuilt and for a detailed text, click on the link given.

For info, and images , click on the logo to visit the CNW website

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