Deus are Wild! Australian Customization

Dont know which is stranger, the name itself or the company or the website, but their products are real eye catchers. Dues Ex Machina is an Australian motorcycle shop. No wait, its actually a clothing accesories line, no... no... its actually... Well, actually its a custom motorcycle shop which has expanded into motorcycle accesories and non-motorcycle too, but thier primary passion is of course motorcycles. Take a look at the website by the name of Deus Ex Machina, you will think you got into a wrong link with the photo of a metrosexual guy in the index page. Then there are two links, the left one takes you to their on-line shop for winter wear . And then there is the right link, that is where all the fun is! Motorcycles!!! and customized.
If you are familioar with this blog, then at the first glance you will remember about all the Japanese customizers featured here because just like the Japs Deus mostly works on Yamaha SR400 and Kawasaki W650, but they also work on other brands like HD and Triumph. The style is of course Cafe Racing style, but the finished product and attention to detail is amazing! The style is subtle but different. You will be noticed among the crowd but without yelling. Everyone WILL notice you on a Deus Custom motorcycle.
The motorcycles mainly the SR400 & W650can be ordered in a variety of configurations from the Stage 1 Rocker or Stage 2 Custom to a Stage 3 Manx or Grievous Angel. But then there are some like the BOBBERSAKE W650 which you can just keep on staring for hours. It has to be their flagship model, because the ammount of detailing involved in the customization is not only remarkable, but the product as a whole is truly a work of art.
I dont know how come the Yamaha SR400s are every customizer's favoirate product, but who is complaining? Probably because its a nice, light, easy handling motorcycle that can be customized into a gorgeous little cafe racer.
From motorcycles, they have expanded to custom parts, clothing, shoes, sunglasses and everything that can be even remotely related to motorcycles, like books and DVDs. In short, its a one-pit stop shop for bike lovers.
The index page on the website stats "Deus is a completely different kind of motorcycle company. While focussing on the supply of custom motorcycles, parts and accessories, Deus promotes and celebrates a custom motorcycle culture" And you can actually feel it once you are in the website that they are indeed promoting a culture which was extinct some years back with the on slaught of Superbikes. Besides the above mentioned items, hi-fi systems, bicycles and prints and paintings by renowned artists are also on display and even cars.
The website also stats "Deus is the brainchild of a group of passionate and dedicated Australian motorcycle enthusiasts. They are united in their belief that motorcycling has been hijacked by corporate marketing forces and their desire to introduce a new generation of rider to that same pure enthusiasm that kick-started their own love of motorcycling." Yups!
The team of DEUS has Dare Jennings, a hardcore surfer, who left a very well paid job to pursue his life long passion for motor cycles, to developing the DEUS brand. Jennings is partnered by Rod Hunwick who has his own company, Action Motorcycles selling Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki motorcycles. The third angle of the Deus project is completed by Carby Tuckwell, another motor-obsessive, who is the creative director of Deus. During his earlier job, Jennings was inspired by what he saw during a tour to Japan. Young boys and not midle aged men were taking to pure biking by customizing the SR400 'Big Single'. He later met Hunwick and talked about customizing bikes where its not about only power or nostalgia but unadultered pure biking. Its not about reworking on a 'disposed' vehicle to create a classic, but more about creating a simple machine which (according to Jennings) "is, no 'bad boy' posturing and mindless cliches, just pure passion welded to the joyous act of participation."
Now coming back to the strange name, Deus Ex Machina.... Doesn't 'Machina' sound Non-Australian, or more so it sounds more like Spanish or Latin? Well actually it is! It is Latin for “God is in the machine”.
Strange name, even stranger guys... but their work is really worth salivating. Just look at the detailed pictures of the headlamp and console, you will notice the beautifully crafted odometer resting on the headlight and take a look at those cute indicators. You wouldn't have taken it even if its given for free, but the way they have styled and gelled it to the total product, one wont mind buying the entire bike just to get those flashers. Visit their website here for more info and pictures.


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