Tell Me You Dont Want A Ride!

Of course you have heard about the Confederate bike and read about it here. Will it be wrong to say that this is a bike which at above $70,000 is for the well heeled passionate biker? Yes, I guess so. Why? Because to drive it more so to compliment this bike, the biker should be - Macho to the T. Should look like a Biker. Must wear Denims or Leather. Should be very well built... Get the picture. I think Confederate should make a checklist of these mentioned attibutes and only those well heeled guys with all the characters will then be applicable to file there name to posess this bike. Well for me, these videos are as close as I can get to the real thing. And the feeling of just watching these videos is exhilarating to say the least. The naked low stance looks, thst single seat, those rear view mirrors and that bloody exhaust. Ooooooooh! What a growl !!! I think guys like Vin Diesel and Triple H will look damn good on Confederate Bikes. For us lesser mortals, at least I can always (as Steven Tyler would say) 'Dream On'

The first video has a run - in the Mojave Desert. Hear the growl of the beast. the second video is a compilation of CONFEDERATE bikes. Amazing!


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