The Falco Cafe Racer

This model is an original Aprilia - the SL 1000 Falco. And its a True-Blue Cafe Racer, isn't it? Well, the first impression is ... well.. is it really the Falco? Actually most of the original looks are shunned because the fairing is completely removed. To add to the looks, the naked headlamp does a lot for the Cafe Racer look. Now that the fairing is out, the stunner reveals the 60-degree v-twin, and the stubby tail unit. The exhaust just as the headlamp is custom made. The original bike was produced in 2000 to rival the Suzuki TL 100S, Ducati Super Sport 1000 and its likes.
The 60 ° V-Twin Rotax engine is a 1000cc 4 stroke machine belting 104 bhp at the rear wheel which is the same that does its duty on the RSV Mille. If you compare both the models, that is the original and the custom one, it looks so different, yet concentrate just a little bit and you will see that with the exception of the fairing, tail unit and exhaust, it's just the same. The owner has really done a brilliant work with very few modifications. Other modifications beside the mentioned ones are only the head console. Everything else, even the tank and the frame are original. Couldn't make out who the owner is, but kudos to him. Really beautiful. A true modern cafe racer.


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