Visual Gratification - Wonder Customs from Texas

If you don't know about WONDER CUSTOMS TEXAS, then you should know. Its not gonna be long when you will see the bikes in the lifestyle channels. And so will hear about Jason Wonder. What a beautiful creation! Such elegant curves, very very clean lines. The bike you see here is a V-Rod. This is the Revolution-1. Its a stock V-Rod engine with an external fuel pump. Those short exhausts looks great and compliment the bike's overall look of keeping everything simple. And they sound like a V-Rod too in low rpms. I dont know about you, but the split tank is looking good. Except for the engine and front forks, the entire bike is done in black.

The above pics are from the time he started working on the bike with the last pic with him riding the finished product as shown in the video. The frame is elongated witha suspended seat and other changes from the stock V-Rod include the monoshock, custom tail, fat rear tyre, similar size disc up and rear and that cute looking twin headlamp. The sitting posture is typical cruiser with streched out arms.
You should really see the blow up pics rather than the thumbnails, why because you will really appreciate the simplicity and the superb finish. And especially the hand controls, I really iked them. All pictures of great quality. He also export bikes as mentioned in the blog. There are some other bikes too he is working, of which one is a Ironhead. Check out his blog WONDER CUSTOMS TEXAS. All pics courtesy his blog. Below are some pics of his other custom bikes.


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