Big Sid's VINCENT 600cc Single!!!

Ladies and Gentleman, what you see here is the one and only VINCENT 600 Big Single. Yes, a single cylinder VINCENT designed by the legendary 'Big Sid' Biberman and his son Matthew. I had made a post on the VINCATI a few days back that was also designed by the Bibermans and this time they have set their skills on a superfast single. Before we get to what went on making the 600 single, would you like to know how come I got to know about this incredible creation? We will come into the details as we go along, but let's start after I made the Vincati post.
There are days when you feel happy just like there are days when you feel sad. And then there are expected happy days which could be ... you know... like the salary drawing day and then there are super happy days which comes as a surprise like you got lucky in a lottery or won a bid on an auctioned bike. So there could also be bad days when you lose something more like a material thing and worse days when you lose something close like a priced Vincent (whatsay, okay that would be probably very very very bad, anyway), there are days which begin with a sad note and end up a very happy one or maybe vise versa. A few days back I had a similiar experience. I opened my mail account and found a mail with the title something like ... Big Sid... and the first reaction was I hope I didn't run into any property violation act or infringement with my post on Big Sid's VINCATI a few days back and I just assumed that since I didn't take prior approval from the Bibermans, probably its a letter from their agent to notify me about the same. I got only 1% of that correct. It was a letter alright, but guess what! it was from Matthew.

I just wanted to write and say thanks for the fantastic blog on Big Sid's Vincati!
I owe you a drink should we ever cross paths.
Matthew Biberman

And he actually liked the post. I was initially more stunned than surprised thinking how did Matthew Biberman even got to know about this blog let alone liking it. Of course I replied back and then came the big surprise. My replied letter was replied back by guess who... Big Sid!

Hi Diesel!
Matthew showed me your very nice blog. Marvelous work! Please do use our images and writings in any way you desire. It spreads the fun of it all. Here’s the 600 cc racing single with which we plan to attack the record in its class at Maxton. A highly developed and overbored Comet motor replaces the original Rapide power unit now residing in the Vincati chassis.
Its chassis now in full Black Lighting trim and employing a Norton Atlas gearbox and clutch. Racing wheels and brakes are found at both ends along with rearset foot controls, and many more special bits are used through out to reduce weight and boost performance . Here are photos of the 600 you are welcome to use on your blog. And more of the Vincati as well. Have fun. I tossed in a few other fun shots of Matt and I from years ago you might enjoy.

And this is the third letter I got

We must meet at some time . We will look forwards to seeing your new material posted on the 600, etc . While we prepaired the chassis detailing its powerunit was brilliantly modified and built by Bonniville Record holder Steve Hamel. Here are photos of the 600 cc motor laid out for assembly. Also a shot of the pieces necessary to fit the Atlas transmission. Makes a fine study for people interested in such things.
Cheers! S.M. Biberman

Yes, Sid Biberman replied to my mail. And it was not just a mail, he actually send pictures of their latest project, the VINCENT 600 Big Single which even after searching the net in all forms and shapes, I could find nothing which also means this is probably the first post to be posted on the net about a Vincent 600 Single. No guys! this is not the Vincent Comet, hold on, I already told you that, this is the 600 'customized' single. And along with the pictures, he also send a few snaps of yore, private photos which he said I can post it here and I have. Over a few days, we exchanged a few mails and he send some more photos of the single. I have posted all the photos here.

Okay, if you take a look at the right top corner of the blog, you will see the photo of the Biberman's new book on the Vincati. If you love classics, if you are passionate about rebuilding, if you love Vincents, in fact if you love motorcycles, this book is for you. Read the reviews of the book, critics have compared it to the very best. Not wanting to give it away, just read an excerpt from the book. It a bit emotional and sad, but you will find the love and immense passion these gentleman have for bikes, its actually very sweet in a sad manner at times because you tend to feel for them. So much fame, so much recognition, yet... Anyway, if you are interested in the book, you can buy “Big Sid’s VINCATI. The Story of a father, a Son and a Motorcycle of a Lifetime” it through the official Big Sid website for $25.95.
"Two AMC gearboxes: On the right the one we need, a pre MKIII Atlas Norton On the left, the Matchless. The difference in the angle of the lug through which the shaft runs is, I hope, apparent. Another point of referene: if you picture the unit spun around the lug is roughly inline with the nut securing the inner clutch case, while the Matchless has its lug far to the right, roughly 3 o'clock."
"either its abstract art or you need to focus on the smaller shaft just above (and to the right) of the gearbox where you can spy the first of the pair of square brackets used to secure the top lug of the Norton box.
Look down underneath the kickstart shaft (the large one with splines) and you will see the rod emerging from the lower lug and then into the far back of the Vincent's primary case. An additional spacer needs to be fitted. It will ride on that shaft and the shaft forward of it, thus tying the box to the motor.
"Sid always spoke fondly of this tubular substitute that his buddy Mac made back in the 50's. I repainted it before fitting it. You can see the 500 cc Meteor in the background. Evidently I had it alongside so that I could refer to it during chassis construction. The paint matches the Vincati, though brighter because its unvarnished spray paint. The wheels are finished, we would reject those chrome front discs."
So to sum it up, this is a 600cc single bored out from a 499cc Comet motor. If you have read the Vincati post, you would remember that the engine was a Rapide motor. Now that frame which was holding the Rapide hoses the 600cc single. So we have the motor and the full black chassis. The transmission unit of gearbox and clutch comes from a Norton Atlas. There have been modifications to reduce weight and to increase performance; racing wheels and brakes does their duty on both front and back with rearset foot controls. The Bibermans got a very good helping hand from Bonneville record holder Steve Hamel who helped them in modifying and building the chassis and detailing its powerplant.
The Bibermans work is really extra ordinary. They have already proved what they are capable of by making the Vincati which looks more stock then a factory made bike. To top that, they are just not 'custom designers', its not just 'show', they are all about 'go' too. The Vincati is capable of reaching 240kmph, can you imagine that, a 60 year old bike having that kind of an performance. The 600 single has not yet been tested, but as Sid says they plan to attack the class at Maxton and there is no doubt they would do it. With that much of passion and interest and experience and talent and what not, its not very difficult to achieve what these gentleman want when they put their heart into it.
You may also visit Big Sid’s website for more images and info. there is also another link called Red Room which is basically a forum for writers and you can visit Matthew there too.


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