In The News - Big Sid's Vincent 600 Single sets new record

Aaron nears the start line & Team Big Sid: Logan Robinson, Big Sid, Matthew and Aaron Frank on Tina

If you are somewhat familiar with the blog, you would probably know about Big Sid. What am I saying? You surely know Big Sid regardless whether you have ever read this blog or not, what I meant was that even for the most ignorant, s/he must have heard about Big Sid if from nowhere at least from this blog. That Big Sid is a genuine Vincent lover is a well known fact, but this great gentleman is also very very humble. He has kept contact with me despite the fact that we would probably never meet just because I featured the superb VINCATI in this blog and I have been so lucky! You know Big Sid personally sent the details of the Vincent 600 Single with photos and memories. And yesterday, there was another mail from him. The big single has set a record in the East Coast Timing Association (ECTA).
In his mail, he wrote Big Sid gets his record:Motorcyclist editor Aaron Frank pilots Overtime Tina to a new record of 105.506 mph at the East Coast Timing Association's September Meet. Tina now holds the record in the M/VG-650/4 class. I am sure you have guessed who ‘Tina’ is, nice name to the brute, eh!

Matthew with Aaron in the staging lines at Maxton NC & Tina through the traps

Now what is the ECTA? For the uninitiated (ummm… that would be me too :-), so google helped me to the official website, which told me that) The East Coast Timing Association LLC (ECTA) is the principal sanctioning organization for Land Speed Racing in the Eastern United States. Five times a year, scores of car and motorcycle racers gather at the Laurinburg-Maxton airfield just outside Maxton, North Carolina, to speed down the Maxton Mile race track. Vehicles range from production cars and bikes (basically off the showroom floor) to exotic, purpose-built racers. To know more interesting details about this course and its foundation, read here.
So, this month on 9th of September,
Overtime Tina shook up the 650cc NON-Pushrod records in the Modified Motorcycle category and now Tina’s name is in the record books. The record reads thus-
Vehicle 9295 Class M/VG-650/4 Entry Big Sid’s Overtime Tina Rider Aaron Frank Date Sep-09 Speed
105.506 mph
here for the September 2009 records and here for the all time record holders.
Here is wishing Big Sid and Matthew a Hearty Congratulations from all of your fans. There was no doubt that Tina would have made you proud, it was only a question of when. Hope to see her break many more records and wishing your team the very best!


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